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First "real" headphones, going off memory here

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

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AR Cascade
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Pros: Very comfortable, good value

Cons: Cord can get tangled, cheap construction

As the title suggests, these were my first upgrade from ibuds.  They broke a while back so I'm going from memory but I did have them for a while.  First of all, they're super comfortable. The only closed back I've tried on where putting it on actually cooled down my ears instead of the opposite.  There is plenty of room for the ears and I literally fell asleep with these on a couple times.  They work well right out of an iPod, although they do come with a 1/4" adapter if you want to use them with anything more serious.  Isolation is fine, I was comfortable listening to them on airplanes or car rides without turning the volume up too much.  Unfortunately, they aren't the best choice for portable use.  The all plastic construction is lightweight but not super sturdy and the lack of a protective case means you have to be gentle with these.  Mine broke at the point where the earcup attaches to the headband, apparently a weak point because my one of my friends had his break at the same spot as well.  The cord is also too long for portable use (9 ft) and tangles easily.  Still, relatively minor complaints for a $25 phone that I used as my one and only HP (at home, portable, everything) for well over a year.  I like to recommend it to people who want an upgrade from ibuds but don't want to spend a lot. It's great as a gateway drug.  Sound-wise, I never found it to be lacking bass, and plenty of detail was there.  I don't want to go into much detail because I can't listen to them at the moment, but definitely recommended as an entry level phone for those who who favor a more even presentation. (Read: Bassheads will probably be disappointed)


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