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Very Nice for the Price

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

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Pros: Overall good sound quality. Comfortable. And most of all: Cheap!

Cons: Weak bass. Feels/looks cheap-ish.

I was roaming the local music shop today and I saw that they were stocking Sennheisers for the first time ever. (It has been 90% Skullcandy and 10% China cheapo). Most of their Sennheiser stuff is pretty overpriced. Like $50 for CX270s.

However, they did have the HD201s for $20, which is the same, if not cheaper, than Internet pricing. So I bought them! I've heard mixed opininions on them but for so cheap, I had to give them a try!


Generally very clear mid/high range. No distortion and sounds crisp and as good as much more expensive headphones.

The bass is a bit lacking and a bit muddy at high volumes. Not terrible to my ears, but comparing to my CX300s and HD280 Pros, it definitely less satisfying. But, keep in mind, these cost a fraction of cost. I have yet to try these with an amp, so that might have an improvement.

Otherwise the sound is very good. I don't have much to comment about. They aren't the most revolutionary 'phones ever created, but they do shine through because of their value, which most vendors cannot match. Comparing to a Skullcandy Lowrider I bought for gimmicks ($30), they sound much better. More comfortable fit, and cleaner sound in all aspects including bass, which the SCs had 0 of.

One thing I've learned quickly is to not play with your EQ settings whether it be on your iPod, computer, or whatever other source you are using. These drivers are cheap and flipping on bass boost will simply give you a distorted ugly sound, so keep your EQs off and let it sound as it was intended.

Overall great value.


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