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Intensely detailed and fast (HD 800 like)

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

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Pros: Very detailed. Very deep and full bass. Natural and lifelike mids. Perfect and smooth treble.

Cons: Requires a good amp. (Sounds best on the HDVD 800 Sennheiser amp)

After trying the LCD-3's, SR-007 MK1 and HD-800, i find the HD-201 has better value and sound overall. But you need to pair it with the HDVD800.

Otherwise it will sound muddy and congested like the HD-600.


Use 24/192 for best results, and good produced music obviously.


The setup: PC>HDVD800>HD-201>24/192 on Foobar2000.


The HD-800 was bright and artificial, but the HD-201 was natural and has better bass (goes very low, more low than HD-800).

Now i am hearing my entire music again, after years of living with the artificial sound of the HD-800.


PD: I did not like the comfort and sound of LCD-3's and the Omega. The HD-800 was a favorite until i owned my HD-201, i will never go back.


PD2: YOU NEED TO USE IT WITH THE HDVD800. In other amps it sounds like a 15$ headphones.

Jazz, Rock, Metal, you name it, all sounded very natural and fast.

In Metal i can hear the sparkle of the guitars, the double-bass of the drums, and the vocals perfectly smooth with great separation and soundstage. I think i'm in love with these cans *-*


People think because it cost 20$ it wouldn't be more musical than a highly bright sounding headphone.
No....I'm with you on this one 
Why don't you recable it balanced and use it with the HDVD800 balanced !
My Apple ear buds when amped with my HIFIMAN EF-6 sound better than Sennheiser Orpheus and STAX 009, but only if I use potato as source - I've tried turnip before but it was too harsh on the highs. I love potato, but who doesn't love to get mashed every now and then?
I love potato, but I'd rather get (s)mashed instead. So I just distill it.
you're not going back to the hd - 800 ?? can i have it??? :):)
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