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Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


You really must know what are your expectations.


Pros: Crystal clear sound, bang for the buck, comfort.

Cons: Cheap materials, lack of strong bass.

I got here to see what people are thinking about these headphones, and got surprised by the variety of responses. Some hate them, some think it's just OK, and some people love them. If you're thinking of buying them, at first you need to know what you want from a good set of headphones, and align with what you'll find in the HD 201.   First of all, if you're that guy who finds the Monster Beats AWESOME and is crazy about that boom-boom-so-dope bass approach, go away. Now. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative than the Beats, grab a Skullcandy.   If you need unexpensive, well-balanced headphones, with great isolation and great perception even on very low volumes,...
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Southern Cross

No-frills approach offers crystal clear sound for an almost absurd price.


Pros: Clear and very defined sound, good separation, good isolation, very light, decent comfort, plus a courtesy gold-coated 6.5mm adaptor.

Cons: Relatively fragile, lacks punch, low portability, somewhat unforgiving with bad recordings.

Well, this is a product that gets a lot of praising and some bashing as well, so let's start by the obvious: they cost U$S 29, and can be found for U$S 20. They are really affordable. Audiophiles bashing them are missing the point: these are not cans for the audiophile, but for those who want to leave their as-issued earbuds in the shameful past and make a first step into a better, more defined sound. And in that way, the HD201 delivers splendidly.   The sound is the shining point here, very crisp and clear, with very good separation of instruments. Basses are gentle and quite controlled, with no emphasis whatsoever but quite clear and, in my non-basshead opinion, not lacking,...
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The best 25$ cans


Pros: Balanced sound, no immediately apparent weaknesses, lightweight, reasonably musical.

Cons: Somewhat easy to break, slightly recessed bass, not as comfortable as they could be.

Hello all,   This review is written from the perspective of somebody who has spent a lot of time looking for good, cheap, cans - and I've used these good, cheap, cans for 5 years now.  I've owned cheap IEMs, Over-ears, On-ears, Earpods, and speakers. On the other hand I own a pair of Zensor 3s and MDR-7506s, and in all of my experience I've never encountered as solid a value-for-money ratio.   For 25 euro you can purchase a new pair HD201s in a number of retailers, I can highly recommend them. Let's start at the beginning:     Packaging: A box, some fabric.   As one might expect from such a cheap headset, the HD201s have very underwhelming packaging....
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Design is standard

Cons: Beats are just average

Some other brands with the same price gives you better beats.

Not sure why these were recommended


Pros: Cheap, kind of comfortable, good "soundstaging?"

Cons: Bass is at a negative level, incredibly cheap materials

This is going to be a short review.   -When I took them out of the box they felt like crap, like the smallest amount of pressure would snap the headband in two or more pieces.   -Upon first wearing they weren't nearly as tight or sweat inducing as the Skullcandy T.I.'s I had at the time.   The sound was nasty. I do not know if this "burn in" thing you people talk about counts with these things or not, but I didn't even want to try.   If you can't get them for less than twenty bucks then keep your money.

Cheap OverHead headphones


Pros: Cheap, over ear, cord length

Cons: Sound, cord, fit, size, material, plug, adjustable

I have to say this, these are one of the worst headphones I have ever had.   To start the comfort is horrible. I have long hair, curly so it all bundles together. Older headphones slid through my hair, these grab every single lock and tear it off my skull. They are not slanted, to they can slid behind you head all the time. The cushions are cheap and won't last very long. They do not adjust easily, I have two clicks on one side and three on the other side. They will irritate your ears because of the non-slant in the design. The top pad is soft, yet because of the design, causes the sides to dig into your head anyways.   The cord is long 3 meters, 3 yards, 9 feet....
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More Reviews


Good for the price (I'm actually enjoying them for some odd reason)


Pros: Plenty of detail, decent soundstaging, Dark sound signature that offers little to no edge, smooth, balanced bass response

Cons: somewhat honky, colored sound, unrealistic sound, somewhat veiled, lacks some air, muddiness at times

I don't actually own these headphones, but funny thing is they are actually part of my schools media art computer lab for each computer. My teacher allows us to do anything we want during this class while working on projects or assignments, so this means listening to music in class with these.    These headphones are actually not too bad for the price, and actually find them soothing sometimes. They of course aren't the best sound headphones in the world no doubt but I would really consider this as headphones for people who are looking for headphones along the $30 range because these do get the job done.   They are comfortable no aches pains or anything, but do kind of...
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very balanced sound for a cheap price


Pros: very well balanced across all the spectrum, flat and natural

Cons: short soundstage and not too detailed, but good overall

I almost buy in blind the hd280 but when i tryed it in the store, i hear clearly that the HD280 in the spectrum was sub bass heavy at 30-40hz , a dip in 200hz, and a piercing peak at 2.3khz to 3.5khz, then another dip in 5khz , so it was hard for me to listen and feel it flat, i try my best to like it but i couldn´t, very far from been flat and natural. Then i try the HD201 without any spectacion and was surpriced for how balanced and natural it sounds. Good amount of bass extension, doesn´t kick or hit you but is there and you don´t feel by anyway the lack of bass frequencies, just dont hit hard, a little bit pillower, mids are great clear and well balanced, thing that is hard to find...
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Intensely detailed and fast (HD 800 like)


Pros: Very detailed. Very deep and full bass. Natural and lifelike mids. Perfect and smooth treble.

Cons: Requires a good amp. (Sounds best on the HDVD 800 Sennheiser amp)

After trying the LCD-3's, SR-007 MK1 and HD-800, i find the HD-201 has better value and sound overall. But you need to pair it with the HDVD800. Otherwise it will sound muddy and congested like the HD-600.   Use 24/192 for best results, and good produced music obviously.   The setup: PC>HDVD800>HD-201>24/192 on Foobar2000.   The HD-800 was bright and artificial, but the HD-201 was natural and has better bass (goes very low, more low than HD-800). Now i am hearing my entire music again, after years of living with the artificial sound of the HD-800.   PD: I did not like the comfort and sound of LCD-3's and the Omega. The HD-800 was a favorite until i...
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Best Value (Balanced) Headphone under $50


Pros: Balanced sound, cheap, long cables (3m), well built, thick cable, 2 years warranty

Cons: Pleathered pads make your ears sweaty, uncomfortable after 90', long cable may be frustated, not portable

This is my first headphone, I bought it almost 2 years ago for $24. For the price, this is the best balanced headphone you can get under $50. It's well built, but the cables is quite long (~3m) and sometime tangled. I don't like the plethered pads, it gets my ears sweaty.   Things to consider to buy this headphone: - The sound is very good balanced and it's cheap. - You got 2 years warranty, and for just ~$25, that's awesome   After 9 months from purchased date, one of the speaker dead, and got replaced :)

Good bang for the buck beginner headphone


Pros: Excellent value, good clearity, solid build quality (for a 20$ headphone), right amount of bass, not inconsencities in sound signature

Cons: Fatigueing because it's overly bright, earpads are uncomfortable, lack of sound stage, may sound 'plasticy' with some genres of music, thin cable

The Sennheiser HD201 are a surprise in the lower echolon of headphones, as they offer great sound quality for a very low price and they are a very good extention into the low end price range for the Sennheiser product sortiment, in that regards However, because of the cheap price, they do lack in design and comfort and overall build quality. This pair of headphones is made out of plastics entirely, the cable has too much length for me and is thin and flimsy. The cushions on the headband feel good and  comfortable, but the earpads itself are a pain in the ass because they are too stiff, not breathable and overall uncomfortable - they irritate my ears in under 20 minutes.The plastic...
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Great value cans


Pros: great sound quality for price

Cons: long cord, overall nothing special

Nothing much to say about these. You get a huge bang for your buck in sound quality, but build quality is what you'd expect from <$50 cans. They are by no means audiophile cans. Although, for the general masses, I would recommend them no questions asked if they are looking for budget headphones.

Reference budget headphones. Hard to fault at this price.


Pros: Low price. Decent mid /high balance. Good detail compared to other HPs in this price class. Easy to drive. Relatively comfortable.

Cons: Build is on the cheap side. Heavy roll off in the lower frequencies. Overall sound leans on thin side.

Hard to fault at its price.

Not Recommended


Pros: Cost effective, Reasonable sound quality

Cons: Very uncomfortable, Poor fit

I suppose it's unfair to give these headphones a completely bad wrap considering how low of a price that they retail for, and you can get them for even cheaper than that most of the time. The main issue I find with the Sennheiser HD201 is the complete lack of a proper fit or seal no matter how I try to position them on my head, this causes obvious issues with comfort coupled with the fact that the ultra-thin compressed pads barely keep the hard plastic drivers off of your ears.   Sound quality is reasonable for the cost, however better can be found - I've taken a liking to the Monoprice lineup in this price range. The HD201 actually seem to respond quite well with amplification and...
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Can be a great or bad headphone


Pros: Sound amazing when driven by a decent amp.

Cons: Who will drive a $30 headphone with a decent amp?

I really cannot understand what market is this headphone targeted for.  For all I know, this headphone needs power.   If I plug this headphone to a normal portable player (no head amp), it can sound bass-less and dead because of inadequate power.   However, if I plug it to a decend head amp/integrated with enough driving, this headphone can be very pleasing, especially for a closed can.    I have a feeling that this headphone can be better received by the market (at least being treated more seriously) if the price is a few times more.        
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