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A Review On: Sennheiser Grado Hybrid a.k.a. SennGrado

Sennheiser Grado Hybrid a.k.a. SennGrado

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Pros: Excellent SQ, Value, Lightweight, Modifiable

Cons: Requires some DIYing

Ah yes, the SennGrado. Like a unicorn or a woman with brains and beauty, this one is almost impossible to believe. But I'm here to tell you: believe it.


If you want background info, head over to the non-Grado thread. Basically a handful of modders (led by @wje) have installed the drivers from Senn's portable PX100 II in Grado-style cups with astounding results. If you're not sold yet, consider the fact that most who have tried the SG have considered, if not already sold their higher end Grados.


The SennGrado bests anything in the Prestige series to these ears. They are of the same sound as the RS1/GS1000  with slight differences. 



The low end is punchy and dynamic. Nice and full with plenty of texture. I prefer the SG's bass to the RS1i's. It reaches deeper and seems more linear where the RS1 has a little extra in the midbass that seems more round and less detailed in comparison.



In the mids, the RS1 wins as they seem more forward and lush. That's not to say that the SG is a slouch though. still very clear and easy to listen to. For those who've heard both the GS1000 and RS1, the SG's mids are more similar to the GS1000 with respect to how they are framed by the upper and lower ends of the spectrum.



The upper end is nicely extended and detailed. It's not as aggressive as the RS1 or 325 but certainly isn't rolled off either. This treble is what I think of when I think of non-fatiguing. 



The intangibles are right on par with the GS1000. Bigger soundstage than the RS or Prestige series. Nice air up top without sounding unnatural. 


Overall, the SG is one that any Grado fan should hear once. I've never head a Magnum, so I can't compare, but used PX100s can be had for less than $40, so for sound on par with upper end Grados, a pair of SennGrado's can be assembled for less than the cost of Magnum drivers. Not to mention that they can be installed in whatever cups you'd like so the customization options are endless. Do yourself a favor and check out these exceptional headphones. 


I agree, I sold my Magnums after making a pair of SennGrado. 
They're too good not to be known!
Is the PX 100 II drivers preferred/better than the other drivers, PX 100, PX 200 etc.?  I remember having the PX 100 a while ago and loving it til it broke.  Just the band broke and I threw it away lol.  That was before I got into this hobby.
In the non-Grado driver thread, a few have mentioned that the PX100 ii is better, but I think the differences are marginal. I haven't heard of anyone trying this mod with a PX200.
Comparing the ZennJazzGrado I built with my Grado SR325iS, I'd say my ZJG is more orientated towards jazz and acoustic music, and the SR325iS excels at rock, due to its brighter, slightly sharper edge.
I've found the same with my 325e. The mids are slightly less than the low end on the SG where the 325e puts vocals in front with a little less weight in the bottom.