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Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Over-Ear Gaming Headset Reviews

Positive Reviews


After burn in these become just spectacular. They are perfect for gaming. DO NOT buy them expecting to be happy with the music performance though.


Pros: Great gaming sound, Great mic. Best closed back soundstage I have ever heard. Rediculously comfortable, excelent build

Cons: Harsh before burn in, Large condenser mic needs lots of power, fatuiging music listening. Bad pairing with Creative soundcards and SBX pro studio

I made a huge mistake when I got these.... First thing I did was plug them into my phone and try to listen to some music... Bad idea! This is one of those headphones that I wouldn't even listen to until after 50 or so hours of burn in. The sound signature of these is specifically designed for gaming. Before burn in there is a very strong harsh and unpleasant spike in the upper mids. After burn in everything smooths out but there is still an upper mid bias. Why though? For the glory of gaming of course!!! To me these seem to have a fairly close to neutral bass and treble response with a boosted mid response. With no EQ and no virtual surround sound when gaming these aren't the most fun...
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Negative Reviews


Really just Meh.


Pros: Extremely Comfortable

Cons: Expensive for quality

I was really excited about getting this headset for my setup.  I was pretty disappointed with them, though.  The sound isn't that great of quality and it doesn't muffle ambient noise at all.  It's almost like you don't even have headphones on while you are wearing them.  So if you are in an even remotely noisy setting and that is part of the reason for getting these, don't.  You can hear everything going on around you.  They are extremely comfortable for extended wear though.  That I will give them.  Otherwise, I'd say I was probably happier with my old $100 turtle beaches than I was with this $250 set. 

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well worth the AU$250 I paid for them


Pros: comfortable, adjustable headset for both listening to music and gaming

Cons: i had an issue where sound would randomly drop off on the speaker that houses the microphone

Well worth the AU$250 I paid. I liked them so much I bought 2.   Padding is AWESOME! Both, around the ear (my ears fit snugly inside) and the padding over my head. I can happily game for hours and not have a skull pain. This was very important to me. I bought some GameTech cans and they had great ear pads - but the weight of the cans caused the overhead pad strap to really crush down on my skull - often causing me to have to re-adjust or reposition or after a couple of hours - take them off to let me head recover.   I have no such issue of weight across the top of my head at all. In terms of cancelling out sound around you they are very good. 

A Unique Experience.


Pros: comfort, closed with open feel, mic, volume dial

Cons: A little tinny at times, retail price

This has been a very unique audio experience for me. I stumbled across an insane deal on this headset, so I though I would give them a swing.   Comfort: As an owner of quite large ears, I can say these are the first to fit entirely around my ears. I wear my headsets hours at a time, so comfort is a must. These are the most comfortable over-ear set I have ever worn. I don't think I get as sweaty using these as other closed headsets I have used.   Audio: I had 'closed headphone' expectations going into these, but came out with a cross-breed feel. The sound stage for a closed headphone is very good. I have no problem locating enemies in CS:GO. In fact, they are better than my...
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#1 Closed Gaming Headset


Pros: Comfort, isolation, solid musicality, good positioning for a closed can, good mic

Cons: Less competitive in terms of positioning than an open headphone, an amp is needed to make them sound their best

I just grabbed the Sennheiser G4me Zero. It isn't remotely similar to the PC 360 as mentioned elsewhere, apart from the basic shape and approach. The Zero is a closed headphone, while the PC 360 (and G4me One) is open.   If you need headphones that isolate well but still perform well for gaming, the G4me Zero is absolutely excellent. It's comfortable as heck with earpads (interior) measuring ~76mm (3 in) tall, ~45mm wide (1.75 in), and ~25mm (1 in) deep. The earpads are also thicker on the bottom than the top, conforming better to your face than most pads.   I'm listening to some liquid dubstep right now and really enjoying them. Audio quality is up there with Beyerdynamic...
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