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Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Over-Ear Gaming Headset

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Gaming Headsets


Pros: Extremely Comfortable

Cons: Expensive for quality

I was really excited about getting this headset for my setup.  I was pretty disappointed with them, though.  The sound isn't that great of quality and it doesn't muffle ambient noise at all.  It's almost like you don't even have headphones on while you are wearing them.  So if you are in an even remotely noisy setting and that is part of the reason for getting these, don't.  You can hear everything going on around you.  They are extremely comfortable for extended wear though.  That I will give them.  Otherwise, I'd say I was probably happier with my old $100 turtle beaches than I was with this $250 set. 


Pros: comfortable, adjustable headset for both listening to music and gaming

Cons: i had an issue where sound would randomly drop off on the speaker that houses the microphone

Well worth the AU$250 I paid. I liked them so much I bought 2.


Padding is AWESOME! Both, around the ear (my ears fit snugly inside) and the padding over my head. I can happily game for hours and not have a skull pain. This was very important to me.

I bought some GameTech cans and they had great ear pads - but the weight of the cans caused the overhead pad strap to really crush down on my skull - often causing me to have to re-adjust or reposition or after a couple of hours - take them off to let me head recover.


I have no such issue of weight across the top of my head at all.

In terms of cancelling out sound around you they are very good. 


Pros: comfort, closed with open feel, mic, volume dial

Cons: A little tinny at times, retail price

This has been a very unique audio experience for me. I stumbled across an insane deal on this headset, so I though I would give them a swing.


Comfort: As an owner of quite large ears, I can say these are the first to fit entirely around my ears. I wear my headsets hours at a time, so comfort is a must. These are the most comfortable over-ear set I have ever worn. I don't think I get as sweaty using these as other closed headsets I have used.


Audio: I had 'closed headphone' expectations going into these, but came out with a cross-breed feel. The sound stage for a closed headphone is very good. I have no problem locating enemies in CS:GO. In fact, they are better than my last open headset. My complaint about these is that they seem a bit flat and lackluster sound wise at times. For example: the boom of an AWP can sound like a couple of tin cans being dropped if it's the right distance away. The sound is clean, and the bass is not as strong as most closed headphones. The bass, however, sounds fantastic. It is clean, not rumbly and muddy. The sound in a nutshell is a closed headset that wants to be open. 


Experience: This headset does benefit from an amp. The impedance is simply too high for most on-board audio. The volume dial on the side as well as a mic that blows most other boom style mics out of the water (yet not quite as good as a usb mic) are fantastic features. I did not have a fantastic music listening experience with these. I have no problem with this simply because they are tuned for gaming. It would be nice to get amazing music quality from such a high retail priced item. No grudge held here. They are still good.


I think if you can pick these up for a good price then they are worth every cent simply for the comfort factor. Musically, these are not my cup of tea. Gaming wise, they block out distractions, and still give positional feedback. These were designed with gaming in mind, and for that they are the best I have tried so far.


Pros: Comfort, isolation, solid musicality, good positioning for a closed can, good mic

Cons: Less competitive in terms of positioning than an open headphone, an amp is needed to make them sound their best

I just grabbed the Sennheiser G4me Zero. It isn't remotely similar to the PC 360 as mentioned elsewhere, apart from the basic shape and approach. The Zero is a closed headphone, while the PC 360 (and G4me One) is open.


If you need headphones that isolate well but still perform well for gaming, the G4me Zero is absolutely excellent. It's comfortable as heck with earpads (interior) measuring ~76mm (3 in) tall, ~45mm wide (1.75 in), and ~25mm (1 in) deep. The earpads are also thicker on the bottom than the top, conforming better to your face than most pads.


I'm listening to some liquid dubstep right now and really enjoying them. Audio quality is up there with Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pros for music, but presenting with Sennheiser's signature sound.


The Sennheiser G4me Zero feels like a closed version of the HD 598 (or a fun version of the 380 Pro), with better bass punch and a little less clarity and soundstage (like you get with any closed vs. open headphone).


If the G4me One is virtually the same but open instead of closed, I suspect it will be the better set of cans for pinpointing people in shooters (open headphones are better for positional audio than closed). That said, The G4me Zero is no slouch, and I am having good success in Battlefield 4 using a Creative X-Fi Titanium HD sound card's RCA outs (in game mode with surround on) into an Objective2 amp.


For super competitive FPS play, I'll pull out the HD 598 with Antlion Modmic instead of the G4me Zero, but I suspect I'll use the Zero for most other gaming.


I'm pleasantly surprised by the G4me Zero with its flashy marketing, stupid name (I can't not say "guh-four-me" when I see the name... yes, I know it's pronounced "game.").


I must admit that I am a bit of a Sennheiser fanboy because of their quality, sound, and--particularly--comfort. I have very tall ears (68mm) that only fit in a few of the circumaural headphones I've tried. I routinely use Sennheiser HD 555, Sennheiser HD 598, Sennheiser HD 650, Sennheiser IE80 headphones, as well as Beyerdynamic DT-880s with Brainwavz HM5 earpads (great pads for large ears--the infamously comfy Beyer pads don't fit me), Narmoo S1, and Logitech Ultimate Ears.


If you pick up the G4me Zero, note that they are 150 Ω and sound better with an amplifier, particularly when listening to music.

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Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Over-Ear Gaming Headset

Featuring Sennheiser’s “Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement” technology, the G4ME™ ZERO delivers the ultimate in sonic accuracy and clarity. The updated closed design provided by the custom-made painted steel ear cup grids lets you hear even the faintest detail of your game. Supreme ComfortIntroducing a new era in professional gaming headsets.With G4ME™ ZERO we have gone back to where we started and completely rethought the concept of comfort for gaming. Our aim was to design the most comfortable and best sounding closed professional headset on the market. We think we’ve done just that.Tailored Ear Pads: The first ever gaming headset to feature multiple layers of fitted ear padding.Sennheiser Transducer Technology: Extreme clarity and accurate, developed at our own labs."Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement": The Sennheiser technology delivers ultimate sonic accuracy and clarity by channeling signals directly into your ears.XXL Ear Pads: Plenty of space around your ears for best fit and comfort.Noise-Canceling Microphone: Professional-grade noise-canceling microphone with intuitive mute function.Closed Design: The closed design blocks out all outside noise allowing you to focus on your game.Perfectly AdjustedG4ME™ ZERO features an all new ear pad design, which we have further developed from our professional pilot headsets. Our ear pads are made from thick leatherette and dual-layered memory foam. The base of the ear pads are thicker, to ensu

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