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A Review On: Sennheiser CX 280 Ear Canel Headphones with Volume Control

Sennheiser CX 280 Ear Canel Headphones with Volume Control

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Pros: Cheap, good bass, nice clarity, good sound stage

Cons: Not too fashionable, limited volume control

First of all this is my first review as a member of Head Fi,


I've gone through countless in-ear headphones and ear buds over the past few years and I have not been more satisfied with any purchase to date, value wise.


I got these CX 280s online for a mere $26.95 including shipping in a bulk eBay seller, so it came without retail packaging but at almost half the price. No carry pouch though (not needed since I have an old CX 300 carry pouch) but it came with S, M and L ear tips.


At first use, these sounded great, been using a Klipsch S4a (~$120) before so the SQ was surprisingly good. The clarity was instant, the bass was strong and the sound stage was pretty good as well. I could easily describe the sound quality very similar to an Audio Technica M50 but just a tad more dull due to the in ear design and smaller drivers. I tested the headphones with a variety of music, electronic, hip hop, RnB, modern pop, rock, even some Adele. Through of that I was very impressed.


Small let down would be the lack of control with the volume slider which limits the volume, say you were on the maximum you could go on the slider and you were also at full volume on your music player, lowering the slider all the way would only decrease the volume by a small amount but not make it silent. Other than that small issue, the headphones are great for the price. Highly recommend (even over my old CX 300s which broke).


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