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Very Capable Budget/Gym-worthy IEM

A Review On: Sennheiser CX 215 Earphones - Bronze

Sennheiser CX 215 Earphones - Bronze

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Pros: Value, SQ

Cons: Color, cable

The CX 215 is a budget IEM from Senn that sounds surprisingly decent. 


I bought mine secondhand so I won't be commenting on accessories or packaging. I can however tell you that these guys hold their own in a budget IEM market where the Brainwavz Delta and JVC FX40 receive most of the hype.


Build/Form Factor

They're about the same size as the FX40. Plastic housing with good strain reliefs and yes, like the manufacturer says, the indentions on the housing do make it a little easier to twist into getting a good seal. The cable is nothing to write home about. It's a thin rubber that terminates to a nice right-angle plug. The cable does feel flimsy and is pretty microphonic. Luckily, they do lend themselves to being worn cable-up so running with them is no longer a bother.



The CXs ironically enough, sound like a junior version of the SE215. Overall signature is a touch warm, with a tiny mid-bass boost and slightly recessed upper mids. 


- Bass is full and sometimes a little rounded. It reaches deep enough for the 320MP3 my Clip+ is playing. Doesn't drown out the mids and certainly isn't a basshead IEM. 


- Mids are a touch recessed, although not enough to be considered V-shaped. They're still quite clear and present.


- Treble is a little rolled off, but not to where I'm wanting more. Let's just say that I dont' think I'll ever experience sibilance-induced fatigue from these guys.



Both are above average. I think it's better than both the Delta and FX40. I can hear everything clearly and effortlessly. 


So all in all, it's like I mentioned previously. If Senn were to make a budget version of the SE215 then... oh wait... they have. It's called the CX215.


Hmm, if the mids are recessed, isn't... That is, the SE215s, actually, I think the entire line of Shure's SEs have rather forward mids. Right?
Good budget IEM indeed. Had trouble parting with them. They are exactly as JoeDoe describes. 
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