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She's one bright ***** , still good for monitoring audio and some casual music

A Review On: Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180

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Pros: Comfort , fantastic negative design for laying and listening , looks nice , cheap , decent bass extension , surprisingly revealing

Cons: Crazy accentuation up top (surprisingly revealing) , bizarre response for high volume listening - Very fatiguing , Cable Shielding (NOISE)


What a bizarre sound , I have owned a bunch of cheap IEMs and the only one that stood out was the one which came with the GS4 , since all of them were made by multiple OEMs it was hard to find a consistent sound out of them ...that IEM was a monster in disguise , there are many things I want to say about it but since most of it may seem as exaggeration its best to leave it at that 

After they broke I wanted a IEM with a negative design like the EarPods (Perfect for laying and listening) , the only one in my budget was this cheap Sennheiser

So they don't sound terrible but they don't sound good either , they have a crazy elevation from the presence region to the upper treble and although its elevated , it rolls off resulting in severe missing information in the upper treble , the presence region is again filled with spikes and with the lack of clarity they possess it makes for a very undesirable listening experience 

With bad mastered tracks , it becomes a herculean task to tolerate them .....

The bass is fairly well extended with a obvious roll off in the sub-bass , still quite tight for what it does 

Separation is quite good , if it wasn't for the lack of clarity it would have been a fun IEM for listening 






Since I don't use IEMs for any listening these are quite good for everything else , I use them for monitoring while doing voice overs or my monthly series on YouTube and they work pretty well for that as well (Like the below picture shows you) not bad for the price I paid but not as good as the mysterious Samsung IEMs which are still unlike anything I've heard in any price range 

Thanks for reading , the review will soon be updated with my video review below ! 



Video Review - 




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