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Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones Reviews

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Tight, uncompromising and awesome sound!


Pros: Accurate and detailed with clean, punchy bass. Funky styling.

Cons: Mildy sibilant. Minimal soundstage. Exposed wiring.

Oh, the Amperior - the street-wise sequel to the famed Sennheiser HD 25. They have a very similar sound signature, but the Amperior sports a fuller, more well defined bass and has toned down the sibilant, often unwieldy trebles of its predecessor. The build quality has increased. The style has been bumped up a notch. iDevice controls and mic are now present. And considering you can easily find them for $200 or less on various online venues (as opposed to the steep $349 MSRP), it's tough to justify the purchase of the HD 25s - no matter how classic they may be.   The sound is punchy and cohesive - really in your face. It's accurate, bold, and totally energetic throughout the...
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The Amperior - world-class portable headphone by Sennheiser


Pros: Audiophile-grade portable headphone with excellent clarity and bass impact; luxurious-yet-rugged and stylish construction

Cons: Clamping pressure may be too much for some listeners; a more open, laid-back sounding headphone may be preferred

Intro   Long before I heard of Head-fi.org, one of the first headphones I ever bought was the Sennheiser HD 25-1. In 2004 I was on tour as the drummer for the internationally renowned singer Fish (ex-Marillion) and wanted an excellent headphone to enhance my music-listening experience both on and off the stage. When browsing in a European department store, I found and bought a discounted HD 25-1 for around £150 and used it for the rest of my touring time with Fish, much preferring its sound instead of the budget in-ear monitors I was issued at the start of the tour. After the tour I stored the HD 25 in one of my boxes where it lay dormant for a few years.   Fast...
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DJ Headphone for The Masses: One of the Best On-Ear Headphones on the market!


Pros: small form factor, exciting fast sound, great isolation, superb build quality, lightweight, right earcup swivels, all parts are replaceable

Cons: clamping force, treble might be a bit much for some, plasticky (but probably the most rugged plastic out there)

Sennheiser Amperior Review Please Click here for Video Review:   The Sennheiser Amperior headphone is a headphone that comes fully loaded with a bunch of features and are very practical if you just need one headphone that will last you a long time, block out noise, while sounding lively and exciting. A brief history The Amperiors is essentially a portable version of the much acclaimed Sennheiser HD-25, a legendary 25 year old, headphone especially amongst the DJ community. The Sennheiser HD-25 was known for its remarkable build quality, superb noise isolation, amazing stability on the head and its impeccably tight bass response, all of which are criterias DJ’s look for as a...
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fantastic portables


Pros: Sound quality, modular design!!!

Cons: not best for all genres, mids are lacking. Dongle attachment instead of inline controls

this is my first review, though these aren't my first good headphones.     Build quality:  they are made of mostly plastic, besides the aluminium cups and hinges, but they are still built very well.  i like that i am able to replace every part.  previous experience with headphones has proved to me that wires usually are the weak point of headphones, and being able to replace all of the wiring, including the wiring that runs through the headband is a very sexy.  though, i have noticed that the wiring occasionally gets loose from the right ear, taking the sound out of one ear.  this is annoying, though not terrible, since wiggling usually gets the...
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Phenomenal sound!


Pros: Tight bass, no muddying of sound

Cons: Headband can be tight

I wasn't really in the market for another set of headphones, but i happened to be in the Apple Store buying a cable and was just having a general look around when I saw the Amperiors. I decided to have a listen and was seriously impressed. I'm now writing this review after having listened to them for about 12 hours in total. Firstly the cups are made from Aluminium and not some cheap plastic and look / feel very classy and the foam pads are clothed in a really nice velour type material. Comfort wise they are good for me with a fairly big head although they do 'clamp' quite tight until they've loosened off a tad with use, however I've listened to them for an hour and a half at a time...
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One of the best on-ear headphones


Pros: Engrossing sound and good isolation

Cons: You will get run over by a speeding truck

These are not the final word in isolation, but coupled with their ability to play loud and to entertain, they might result in you forgetting that roads are dangerous and normally noisy.   The sound quality itself is great, like its older brother, but the bass can be a little like it's only one note. If you use these outdoors, you'll be shocked at how good they are for a portable, and they may make you reconsider whether IEMs are the best choice. They also look pretty funky in a WW2 headset sort of way.
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