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Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones Reviews

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Nice portable headphone but fails to really impress


Pros: High build quality, clean, punchy and efficient headphone.

Cons: Not the most confertable headphone, lack of soundstage.

I got these second hand to use when traveling. I have owned a bunch of other headphones like the Grado RS225 D2000, DT880 and still own a HD650 (just so you know my point of reference).   THE GOOD: - I think they look good in a geeky sense, they are not stylish at all. - The construction seems very solid as one would expect form Sennheiser at this price level. - The headphones sound pretty good straight out of the headphone jack of my macbook pro (equalized) as they are quite efficient (this is one area in which they improve upon the HD25). - They are designed in a way so that you can fix them if they break! - Velvet ear pads that feel way better than plastic types. - They...
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if you liked the HD25, you'll like the Amperior


Pros: rugged and utilitarian, good sound at this price, isolation one of the best, practically industry standard and most people know what it sounds like

Cons: good isolation comes at the cost of high clamp

Just a point form review... really just notes for myself comparing vs the HD25-1-ii. If you want something with more sonic impressions, read any other Amperior or HD25 review below or the excellent one over at InnerFidelity.   pads: Amperior has this supple pleathery material which is way nicer than the HD25 pads and more comfortable isolation: but somehow the HD25 pleather pads isolate better clamp: really the same build quality: Amperior clearly better in every way with nicer cups and cable assembly (and changeable cables with iDevice capability) sensitivity: the Amperiors are a bit easier to drive impedance: much lower than the HD25, which may be an issue with amps that...
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Does what it says on the can, proven, no nonsense classic design. Solid sound.


Pros: Sounds quality if great. Typical Sennheiser sound signature, warm and fluidic. Can be driven with almost everything. Made in Ireland, not China

Cons: Flimsy headband design straight from HD-25. Cables supplied is un-proportionally thin. Initial introductory price a bit expensive for what it is.

Bought this as a factory second for £100 recent for a bit of portable fun. I have been looking at the Amperior for quite a while but I ended up with the DT-770 32ohm, which I did not regret at all. The initial pricing of the Amperior was the major thing that stopped me from buying it. But now that it has been discontinued by Sennheiser, the price has dropped quite dramatically as they are introducing the aluminium version of the original HD-25, essentially the Amperior with 70ohm drivers. Anyway, I am happy with the purchase.   I guess for the design and comfort, I really do not need to say much about it, the HD-25 design has been around ages, this one just goes along with the DNA...
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Superior outdoor portable headphone


Pros: Tight and punchy bass, Detail mid, Crystal Clear high, amazing isolation, no leaking, secure fit.

Cons: high clamping pressure, small sound staging, does not look like $350 headphone in terms of design.

Coming Soon.

Sweet Portables


Pros: Durable design, thumping bass, adjustable for cable and headband

Cons: Limited soundstage, price

A great set of portable closed cans for the go.  With a lower impedance than their predecessors these headphones can be run of nearly any source.  Although the sound stage is limited the overall sound quality is quite pleasing.     For full review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/617578/sennheiser-amperior-review#post_8516525
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