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fantastic portables

A Review On: Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Sound quality, modular design!!!

Cons: not best for all genres, mids are lacking. Dongle attachment instead of inline controls

this is my first review, though these aren't my first good headphones.



Build quality:  they are made of mostly plastic, besides the aluminium cups and hinges, but they are still built very well.  i like that i am able to replace every part.  previous experience with headphones has proved to me that wires usually are the weak point of headphones, and being able to replace all of the wiring, including the wiring that runs through the headband is a very sexy.  though, i have noticed that the wiring occasionally gets loose from the right ear, taking the sound out of one ear.  this is annoying, though not terrible, since wiggling usually gets the signal back.


Portability: these don't collapse or fold flat, but the great build quality means that i feel more comfortable stuffing them anywhere i can.  so while they may not actually get that small, they will fit in any backpack or any bag, no matter how full.  


Comfort: the velour is very soft, and feels nice.  after an hour or two, my ears will start to hurt, though this is more the fact that they super-aural than an actual critique of the headphones.  


Sound: the signature is decidedly V shaped, with very good bass impact, and very good bass definition.  the treble is forward, and the mids are recessed.  the treble can make the headphones fatiguing after a while, but since they are used as portables, not for long sessions, a more engaging and bright sound is fine.  i would have preferred a more neutral signature, but the V shape is great for rock and pop, and the great bass is good for rap, electronica and Dubstep.  

the soundstage is lacking.  



in conclusion, for 200 dollars, they are absolutely worth it.  as portables.  if you want headphones for home use, buy some open and over ear cans.  if you like the V shape signature (listen to rock and pop) or if you want really durable cans, get them.


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