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Tight, uncompromising and awesome sound!

A Review On: Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Accurate and detailed with clean, punchy bass. Funky styling.

Cons: Mildy sibilant. Minimal soundstage. Exposed wiring.

Oh, the Amperior - the street-wise sequel to the famed Sennheiser HD 25. They have a very similar sound signature, but the Amperior sports a fuller, more well defined bass and has toned down the sibilant, often unwieldy trebles of its predecessor. The build quality has increased. The style has been bumped up a notch. iDevice controls and mic are now present. And considering you can easily find them for $200 or less on various online venues (as opposed to the steep $349 MSRP), it's tough to justify the purchase of the HD 25s - no matter how classic they may be.


The sound is punchy and cohesive - really in your face. It's accurate, bold, and totally energetic throughout the entire spectrum. The bass is really tight and creates a percussive counterpoint to your most familiar music. It's well integrated and clean; no sloppy grumbliness here. The mids are accurate and forward - so forward that most music sounds like it's firmly resting on your nose. You can expect a clarity and detail that no other on-ear alternatives will provide. Very nice. The highs are crystal clear with a slight emphasis on the crystal. The detail is to be loved, but when listening at louder volumes, female vocals and high hats can become piercing and jangly. The sibilance of the Amperior's older sibling hasn't completely vanished from the family lineage. As for the sound stage - the on-ear style, mixed with the neutral and aggressive sound signature leave little room to hear your music in a 3D space. The music has the air of a studio or a live performance. You won't be surrounded by a hall of sound, but instead be confronted by a wall of it. A wide, thick, and beautiful wall of sound, but still condensed. Does that make sense?


If you prefer a warmer, spacious, and laid-back listening experience, I'd look elsewhere (Momentums, perhaps?).


The V-Moda M80's rumbly upper-bass/mids and treble roll-off are not present, but the M-80s have a broader, more engrossing soundstage. The classy warmth and eager-to-please well-roundedness of the Sennheiser Momentums aren't here either. That said, the Amperior's bass and overall presence beat the Momentums handily. Anyone calling the Momentum a bassier headphone than the Amperior is...well...incorrect. I hate to sound so authoritative on a subjective subject, but as a owner of both headphones, the Momentums have never created a bassier oomph than the Amperiors on any track I've listened to. That said, bassheads should probably look elsewhere. These have great lows, but they're not emphasized over any other part of the spectrum.


I've found the Amperiors to have a polarizing effect on listeners. The narrow soundstage and bossy, uncompromising presentation are offputting to laid-back listeners looking to unwind.


But if you want it punchy and clear. If you want it accurate - no frills - just a fun, hearty, detailed, portable on-ear listening experience, then the Sennheiser Amperior has no equal.


They're the best on-ear headphones I've ever heard.


Awesome review, I'm sold on these now. Was a little worried about the increased sensitivity, as IME more sensitive headphones tend to distort more easily; do you think that is at all the case with the Amperior vs the OG HD25 1-ii? I find that my Momentums, as well as my super sensitive ex-SM3s, start sounding a little weak/thin at higher volumes, which I want to avoid.
Heard both together and I feel the Amperiors are vastly superior to the HD25's
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