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Phenomenal sound!

A Review On: Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Amperior On-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Tight bass, no muddying of sound

Cons: Headband can be tight

I wasn't really in the market for another set of headphones, but i happened to be in the Apple Store buying a cable and was just having a general look around when I saw the Amperiors. I decided to have a listen and was seriously impressed.

I'm now writing this review after having listened to them for about 12 hours in total. Firstly the cups are made from Aluminium and not some cheap plastic and look / feel very classy and the foam pads are clothed in a really nice velour type material. Comfort wise they are good for me with a fairly big head although they do 'clamp' quite tight until they've loosened off a tad with use, however I've listened to them for an hour and a half at a time with no issues.

There is also an in line control with a mic built in and I've received a couple of calls on it - sound quality is distortion free and my callers could hear me with no problems. Normal iPhone controls are there to pause / play and adjust volume. The controller also has a clip to attach to your shirt / jacket to save it flapping around, which is a nice touch.

The headband is a quirky design and is a two piece affair that can be used like a normal headphone or it splits in two and can be adjusted to give extra grip on two points on your head. I've tried both, but prefer to leave it in the 'closed' position and use it as a one piece headband.

The left earcup also swivels up 'DJ Style' so that you can listen with one earcup, not my thing, but it's there if you need / want it.

Now moving onto the main reason I was compelled to buy these...the sound is absolutely amazing! Bass is tight & deep without muddying the mid range or highs.

The soundstage is absolutely amazing for such small headphones and whether you want to listen at home or commuting these are just excellent!

Highly recommended for sound & style.





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