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A Review On: Sennheiser Adidas HD 25-1 II Orginals Headphones (Black/Blue)

Sennheiser Adidas HD 25-1 II Orginals Headphones (Black/Blue)

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Pros: treble, bass, speed, portable, easy to drive, design, value

Cons: Adidas marketing makes me look like a tool, comfort, price (depends), slightly scooped mids.

I have had these for a month now and i do feel these deserve a review




Build Quality/Design

To me i find these look beautiful. The durability is equally as great. All parts are replaceable if need be. When i first picked them up though i was thinking to myself (did i really pay $200 for these things?). They may look cheap but when you apply force you realize they are really well built. One thing i noticed was that they are made in ireland. Quite a nice touch when most things are made in china. The blue color is striking and i have had comments by people who thought they looked cool.




These are quite uncomfortable unfortunately. If i were to make any complaint it's comfort. But after a month they have become easier on my ears. I put then on a large box to stretch them. These are very portable. They are easy to drive and are easy to store around your neck. The cord isn't to long so you don't have excess.



Sound Quality/Overall Value

Here is where these shine. When i first put these on i knew i had found my under $200 can of choice. The sound was impressive. Good bass response which goes quite deep and is very fast, Slightly laid back mids with boasted highs. The bass is good for any genre requiring bass. These do remarkably well with metal music in fact their my go to metal can. Electronic is also great as is rock. These aren't very good for classical though. The highs are very good. Allowing the headphones to shine. And they are recessed right where most guitar harshness appears allowing for an easier listening experience. Although They are revealing so if a recording is harsh you will hear it.


I recommend these if you listen to rock, metal, electronic, pop, or any speedy/aggressive genre.



I own the m50s and the srh840s and have owned the srh750dj. The srh840 is the most dynamic, the m50s is the most versatile, and the the sennheiser hd 25 1 ii is the most fun. I recommend this whole heartedly.


Sounds like they are for me. Haha, still the DT1350's design though...
"Adidas marketing makes me look like a tool"


A very rational and simplistic review. You also included the type of music it shines in and all three of those are my favorite...mostly electronic and metal. Because of it I decided to go ahead and get these bad boys.
Great review and almost exactly in line with my experiences also. Although, I actually like the blue highlights and find the all-black non-Adidas version a bit boring looking. But I realize it's not for everyone. LOL.