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A Titan Amongst Sub 150 Dollar Amps

A Review On: Schiit Vali

Schiit Vali

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Pros: great price, nice full bass, excellent pairing with the Q701,

Cons: tube ringing when plugging in headphones.

Very few times in this hobby have I run across a piece of gear that's turned me into a rabid raving lunatic fan boy.


The Vali is a nondescript no frills entry level tube amp weighing in at a lowly 119.00 bones. Whats special about this little amp is the phrase "entry level" is deceiving when you take into account what its capable of. Compared to far pricier amps the Vali may lack fineness but in still exudes tons of control and detail over the gear it drives. So much so I have no qualms saying that its the titan amongst other amps of its price bracket and in many ways a predator capable of embarrassing some gear out there that's two or three times its MSRP.


You don't believe me? Watch my video review below and then go order yourself one and decide for yourself. Considering its MSRP the risk is quite minimal. Be warned, since I've owned the Vali many of the other amps I own have since started to collect dust leaving me to wonder why the heck I ever wasted my time and money on them.


Well done Schiit Audio. Fingers crossed your upcoming flagship gear will blow people away like the lowly Vali has.





I'm looking for an amp to pair with my HE-400s. Do you have any idea how this amp compares to the Magni with them? My main concern is that the Vali might darken the sound on an already dark sounding headphone (to me, I know some think the treble peak makes them bright)
I'm guessing you're a treble head because I've never heard anyone describe the HE-400 as dark. The Vali will smooth the treble of the HE-400 or at least it did for mine. Mind you my HE-400 has the jerg pads installed so your findings may differ from mine if you have the stock pleather pads. Its been a long while since I heard the Magni but going by memory the Magni was brighter compared to the Vali. I also remember I didn't think it was a good pairing for my Q701. Back then I didn't own the HE-400 so I really can't comment on pairing the Magni with the HE-400
Ok, thanks a bunch :)
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