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Valhalla does the thing! Tube rolling very suggested!

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Schiit Valhalla

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Pros: High Quality, Nice Design, Clean Board, Great Customer Service

Cons: With Stock tubes give Solid State sound - Tube rolling suggested

Well after having a really bad experience with Amazon (they never sent me my Valhalla), I waited about a week hoping they could get one on stock (because magically they run out of them after I purchase mine). I decided to contact Schiit Audio´s guys. It was November 1st at 11pm when I bought it directly from their website, and also I sent them an email. It took less than an hour before they contact me and told me my order would be shipped earlier next mornning. Then I said well I need it this saturday (november the 3rd) and they offer me overnight saturday included delivery. I got it before noon. I am really impressed with their support.


The amp is really simple to setup, is really well built, the tubes sound very neutral and do not skip any detail. But lacks of deep bass, but let me tell you that bass is present and defined.


It has a 5 year Warranty! Wow...


I did not give a Overall 5 stars because IMO Audio Quality should be enhance with other NOS tubes.


Great Headphone amp, you wont be dissapointed!  very well constructed and designed. I will wait if "burn in" will improve perfromance! And other tubes do their job!


Go and get it! you wont regret.



Miguel V.


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