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Great starter amp

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Schiit Valhalla

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Pros: Value for money, great sound, no noise

Cons: No tube rolling

This is my first tube amp for headphone listening, and is also my first piece of kit for my listening upgrade. That being said, the Valhalla sounds great with my lackluster headphone output  from my iPhone and using the less talked about V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones.


As you can see, the Valhalla is going to compliment almost you put to it. I noticed an immediate stage and sound improvement and this while using lossless (FLAC) through the amped headphone output. I truly look forward to using the amp with at a minimum line-out / digital output source.


I've tried the Valhalla through fuzz-rock, jazz, heavy metal, vocal songwriter genres and it has performed very well. Unfortunately, the V-Moda are tuned a bit to the low end so I can't speak of the highend veiling that @Skylab mentioned, but even with these headphones the highs were still clear and distinguished. I am looking forward to testing with my newly ordered Sennheiser HD598. The amp definitely opened up the bottom end and gave a nice large sound.


As a test, I tried some lowly Sennheiser HD201s and you definitely noticed the extra volume required by the amp going from a 32 Ohm to 24 Ohm and from what I've read from Schitt is the Valhalla's sweet spot is a 300 Ohm set like say AKG 701/702



-- Edit --


I've since been using the amp with my AKG 271MKII and Sennheiser HD598 and I'm very pleased with this amp.


You listen to metal, how well does the HD 598 do metal? And how does the HD 598 do when paired with the Valhalla?
The HD598 is quite revealing and laid back. Depending how you like your metal to sound it may not be what you're after. The bass is tight, but lean and smooth throughout. If you want more kick to your bass and more dynamic listening then I would highly recommend instead the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250Ohm version. I haven't tried but if you prefer an open headphone the Beyerdynamic DT990 250Ohm should be similar but I haven't tried it. I would be inclined to think that the 600Ohm versions of either Beyer would be as good or better too.
Regarding pairing with the Valhalla, the HD598 pairs well. I really enjoy it's clarity and smooth sound. THe DT770 Pro 250Ohm works really well too and shines when paired with the Valhalla.
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