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Great little Dac for the price!

A Review On: Schiit Modi

Schiit Modi

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Pros: Small. Decent sound. Great deal for this price-point.

Cons: It's so light the cable tention from the RCA cables can move it around!

This isn't a review so much as throwing my throwing 2cents into the "great little DAC for the price!" pot.

I think if I was starting out and I needed gear, this with the magni, or the Asgard, would be my first choice.


I use this at work with the PSY RCA/USB cables. They are plugged into a Schiit Lyr with some nice Russian tubes.

I usually this setup with the HD650, sometimes the LCD2.2


It sounds really good from old MP3 VBRs all the way up to 24bit FLAC files.

As noted, it pulls out detail quite well. It's not as revealing than the NFB 3.1 I have at home, but then again, it's 5% of the size!

I much prefer it over the Fiio E17/E9. (Which were nice... but now that the magni/modi are here...)


At some point I'd like to compare a higher end Schiit DAC against the Audio_gd NFB 3.1.... ^^


Totally agree accept for it having just "decent sound". IMO it's definitely worthy of being used with the more expensive amps. To my ears it's better than the E17, HRT MSII and comparable to the ODAC. I've found it to be very transparent.
Hopefully the Bifrost sounds similar but just with slight improvements.
I read a review that said the Bifrost is really close to the Modi, but little more refined...
But honestly, everything I've tried from this company I've liked. And has been above average. They have their Schiit together, yes no?
I agree with being used with high quality amps... I have it plugged into my Lyr... (Well -I- like it.) At some point I should bring it home and do a side-by-side against the NFB 3.1 with the  WA2/T1....
The Modi is quite a bit above it's price-point when it comes to quality. I -really- enjoy it with my Lyr/russianettes(tubes)/HD650 at work. (and if sound isn't about enjoyment, what is it about?) For me, decent is not "ok." Decent is "laudably acceptable." It's sort of an in-thing with my crowd down here, so I should have used a different term to describe what I wanted to convey. Whoops. My bad. =)

"Great sound for the price" "What you want before you pay $1000+ on a dac" etc is in a similar vein. In the meantime, I will continue to save for a Audio_gd Master 7 at home. =)
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