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Schiit Modi

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Pros: Clean , detailed , and Very easy to use , small and beautiful , build quality

Cons: Light

I always thought Dacs arent that great of a deal. I had my BH Crack connected to macbook pro directly by a 2xRCA and listened to music with my hd650. Unfortunately I still wasnt impressed by the soundstage nor separation and detail. So i bought speedball for crack , then a new Power cable , new hd650 cable and all that improved the sound . The biggest difference was made after the speedball instalation and the smallest was made by the HP Cable.Then I thought id buy the Modi. I bought it and WOW. Guys dac is crucial for the sound and the difference between macbook/iPhone out and modi is night and day ! And that little fella is 99 dollars and solidly built .He made the sound much cleaner , extended the treble which i thought was veiled by the sennheiser veil. The soundstage got nicely organized and extended much!! If you dont have a dac yet , you can easily go for the modi !


I also use the Schit Magni/Modi with my MBP and I think it sounds great!
Thanks for the review - I also have an HD650, and was looking for a new DAC to go along with a possible purchase of a bottlehead crack. Your review helps solidify my choices. Thanks for posting your feedback, and giving us information about your setup. Extremly helpful!
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