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Schiit Modi Reviews


Great little Dac for the price!


Pros: Small. Decent sound. Great deal for this price-point.

Cons: It's so light the cable tention from the RCA cables can move it around!

This isn't a review so much as throwing my throwing 2cents into the "great little DAC for the price!" pot. I think if I was starting out and I needed gear, this with the magni, or the Asgard, would be my first choice.   I use this at work with the PSY RCA/USB cables. They are plugged into a Schiit Lyr with some nice Russian tubes. I usually this setup with the HD650, sometimes the LCD2.2   It sounds really good from old MP3 VBRs all the way up to 24bit FLAC files. As noted, it pulls out detail quite well. It's not as revealing than the NFB 3.1 I have at home, but then again, it's 5% of the size! I much prefer it over the Fiio E17/E9. (Which were nice... but now that the...
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Comparable to ODAC (but slightly better/different)


Pros: Cheap, well built, RCA jacks

Cons: I'll find one

I will compare the Modi vs the ODAC for this mini-review. They both have the same general "signature" and really just sound very transparent/flat/balanced. I can't really detect any coloration and they don't alter the sound of any of my headphones or make them sound different than how they're supposed to be. I doubt that there is a headphone that would sound bad with the ODAC or Modi. For testing I used the Schiit Magni and Headroom Micro Amp + Astrodyne (both transparent). I used the AKG K400, Koss Pro DJ 100, HD-650 and Q701. It was the easiest to detect the differences with the DJ100 and Micro Amp. All the differences listed below were heard on both amps.   After a week of...
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Great DAC, noticeable sound difference versus on-board sound.


Pros: transparency, soundstage, price, build quality,

Cons: USB noise, slightly bright

Build: Simply put it, the build quality of the Modi is 100% perfect. Made in the USA and it feels and weighs more than you would think for something so small and only $99.   Sound: The sound of the Modi is pretty transparent, it doesn't alter the frequency response very heavily. Using the Modi improves the technical areas of my headphones and speakers, like the detail and soundstage. One of the most noticeable difference versus onboard sound is the increased soundstage. Everything sounds a lot wider with my HD 600. A good example of this is the first minute of Avenged Sevenfold's "Victim". Everything sounds less mashed up and more separated, the guitar on the right...
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awesome DAC


Pros: Price, Quality, Made in U.S.A. !!!

Cons: Please supply a (Made in USA) USB cable with this!

My first DAC.  My goal was to not rely on the built in DAC of my PC.  I can only compare this to the built in DAC of my PC.  I can distinguish the individual instruments more clearly.  Less fatigue, more precise and consistent timing.  There is dead silence when the music is turned off, not the buzzing sound from the 3.5mm jack.  I can't believe I am writing this but I can hear the difference in the timing precision.  Go figure.

Big sound for a little device


Pros: Price, Build, Sound Stage, USB Input

Cons: Entry level still

  I received this little DAC just over a week ago and have been playing music through it ever since. Immediately out of the box i could tell a difference, I am running this from my Macbook Pro via USB (the only input this DAC has) and then running it to my Fiio E9 amp. Before i used the Fiio E7 combo with the E9 and that was already a huge improvement from just playing it out of my computer. The E9 is a great desktop amp that pumps some good power for a low cost. Back to the DAC, the first thing i noticed was just the sound stage, i use closed back headphones so my soundstage isnt the best to start with but the DAC definitely improved it. Second was the clarity of the music...
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Amazing sound quality


Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

I'll keep it simple.   Makes my stereo sound 100x better than it ever did.   Super high quality, looks fantastic.    I have it hooked up to my receiver which along with the speakers have been booming strong for the past 25 years, hope it can live as long as them.    Before I hooked this up, bass was uncontrolled and boomy but with the Modi, it's much more accurate. Highs are little better but still not much good, mids are better but like the highs, didn't change a whole lot.    Setup:   Receiver: Pioneer VSX-9700s (25 yrs old) Speakers: Bose 10.2's (25 yrs old) DAC: Schiit Modi!!! (4 months old)

If you are looking here - then you are thinking to buy it - GO FOR IT


Pros: Sound picture is just sooo much better with this little majic box

Cons: N/A

Just did a new install - and it sounds just so much better than internal DAC. I did my purchase based on a reviews and company in general.   Very good build and probably best in-expensive DAC out there. PS. My USB cable is coming, probably will be better than the one I plugged it with now.



Pros: Clean , detailed , and Very easy to use , small and beautiful , build quality

Cons: Light

I always thought Dacs arent that great of a deal. I had my BH Crack connected to macbook pro directly by a 2xRCA and listened to music with my hd650. Unfortunately I still wasnt impressed by the soundstage nor separation and detail. So i bought speedball for crack , then a new Power cable , new hd650 cable and all that improved the sound . The biggest difference was made after the speedball instalation and the smallest was made by the HP Cable.Then I thought id buy the Modi. I bought it and WOW. Guys dac is crucial for the sound and the difference between macbook/iPhone out and modi is night and day ! And that little fella is 99 dollars and solidly built .He made the sound much...
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