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Schiit Mjolnir

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #135 in Desktop Amps


Pros: Fast, bass+treble enhanced, detailed

Cons: Midrange is slightly lean, slightly strained treble

Headphone: LCD-2 rev2

Comparition amp: Schitt Asgard v1

I can't tell how much i love my new Schiit amp - the Mjolnir.

However, i remember the mids on my LCD-2 was more thick and blooming previously IMO.

Maybe it causes by adding a bulk of quality and quantity into 2 top-end regions.

And i also feel there is a little stretching in high regions. You know, it is as a singer trying to sing very high notes but it is not her strength (obviously not Mariah Carey ^^! )

She can still perform OK, but you will feel it is slightly overdoes and not natural.


But to those who want the Audeze house sound to be less 'dark'. I think it would not be a big deal. And i still love my beloved LCD-2's change to death :D

5 stars satisfaction purchase!!!

Schiit Mjolnir

BALANCED CROSSFETTM HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER ZERO FEEDBACK | SINGLE VOLTAGE GAIN STAGE Mjolnir is the only dedicated headphone amp using an Circlotron-style topology with high-voltage JFET inputs and MOSFET outputs. Unlike other balanced headphone amps, Mjolnir is not simply two of the same amps in a box, with one run inverted. It’s a unique, inherently balanced stage that delivers both low complexity and very high performance.

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