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Amazing, price can't be beaten.

A Review On: Schiit Magni

Schiit Magni

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Pros: Very cheap, Looks amazing, clean sound, Surprisingly well built

Cons: Back RCA sensitive to movement

Overall impressions:

At first i thought that this would be just another good looking and not much to show for kind of amplifier. In short, I was mistaken.


As I opened the box i was surprised by the built quality. I was expecting a light weight, thing aluminum, plastic knob item. But this is far form the truth. It has a surprisingly thick Steel body, that adds a good weigh to the unit. It has a good looking knob, call me weird but this is the only interactive part of the item. So a good aluminum touch does add to the experience. The finish on the aluminum itself is not the best, but standing 30cm from it you can't see any imperfection.


The little feat are just feet, soooo.. yeah.. nothing to say there...


The white LED is a good touch of class. It looks amazing with my Apple setup. I mostly got this stack because it looks staining with mac products. But the industrial look is always a love or hate kind of deal. 


I got the Modi as well, and the quality is as expected exactly as expressed above, besides the knob of course. 



The sound:

note: this is a review of the Modi with the Magni, the famous "Schiit Stack"


OK, WOW! did not expect this. Blew my mind to Schiitt!! Literally... 


The main reason I got this amp is because I have a Shure SRH840. I used to play them over my Guitar pedal Line6 X3 Live, because they have a internal DAC and a better amp than my pc. But for about 2 years I stopped because they are way too enormous. So i haven't amplified this headphone for a while. 


I never knew that music sounded that good! There are things that where just not there a day ago. It just made my headphones worth their money. I though that they where average headphones until i got the Schiit stack.


It is a little sensitive to the movement when you handle it around, it makes a horrible static noise. But as a desktop item it does not matter for me, i don't keep moving them around. But it's important to point it out.


* The bass

   Very accurate, it always seamed that my headphone was struggling to get the low notes. It does not overdo it tho. 


* The mids. 

   Holly Schiit!! So clear and precise, I can hear Seal whisper his ugly mouth by the side of my ears!


* The highs

   Accurate but not in your face. They do distort if volume is pumping like a big ear party. It can be the headphone tho. It does not add any extra unnatural sparkle and I thank Schiit for that. 


* Sound stage

   It might have improved as a byproduct of the more accurate mids and highs. But it did add space to my music listening.





I can't recommend it enough. There are many better I'm sure. But for the price, it can't be beaten.


It makes your music experience way more enjoyable. Its a tight clean amplification that will give you a much more accurate output than your mac. Actually its not even fair to compare. 


Also, you have to give it to Schitt for making a great looking item in such a straight budget, we see too many Amp/Dacs in generic 'project box' looking enclosures. 



It's a steel chassis, not aluminium.
Great review! I used to own the combo with the HD600s and pretty much agree with everything you said, minus the treble (always thought M&M were slightly bright).
Thanks man. I could be wrong with my impressions. So far I only tested with one proper headphone. I have a couple of stock apple ones, and a gaming headphone. Not musical enough to make the amp justice.
I will have my friends grado sr80i and some other Ultimate Ears next week.
I may change one or 2 things...
Nice...which stand is are you using on the picture?
Hi man, this is quite a standard stand on ebay. 
It has a aluminum look but its actually PVC. Its really cheap too. Probably the cheapest headphone stand you can get. 
just a hint, they are quite slippery so I added a custom little rubber feet to make sure it does not slide around...
You can also get the stand on Amazon, with safer return policy.
I have this stand and it's really well made but yes it's plastic but HARD plastic not easy to break or flimsy. Only issue is that if the HP's are large the cable may not clear and place pressure on them. I have HE-400's and lucky the driver housing can be angled up as the cables don't clear the bottom of the stand. Hope that helps!
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