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It was a nice introduction to tube rolling, but there are consistent problems (at least with mine).

A Review On: Schiit Lyr

Schiit Lyr

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Pros: Very open sound stage. Simple interface.

Cons: Unreliable sound

This thing is beautiful, simple, and well designed. But, I've now found myself unable to rely on it for unadulterated sound. Not too long after I first purchased it, there began a static sound that would dominate the music. I'd tried 3 pairs of tubes... No luck. So, I sent it in, letting them know what happened. But they sent it back, saying it had been fixed, when the same problem still existed.


Now I use my Headroom Micro Amp/DAC combo that I had planned to upgrade from and I'm a happy camper. The sound, while having a bit less of a sizable soundstage, is arguably better.


Once you can't trust a product to behave properly, it's hard to take it seriously. I still have it, but I'd rather spend my time with my old set up -- or my new ESP950s.

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Seems like a little contact issue with the headphone plug. Happened to me with some gear and most of the time it was the plug that didn't connected properly. Try with different phones / cables, make sure it's all the way trough the socket and see if the static is still there.
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