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Warm power.

A Review On: Schiit Lyr

Schiit Lyr

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Pros: Full, thick sound full of dynamic and life, tube rolling

Cons: Tube rolling?

I bought this after having the Schiit Asgard for a month with my HE-400's because I felt they were worthy of more power: I was spot on. I was very hesitant to dive into an amp twice the price that looked the same, but that tube/solid state combo, combined with the sheer power it delivers is nothing short of amazing.


I bought these exclusively for my HE-400's, but they should be a top amp for most high end headphones. The pre-amp function was a big seller for me as they turn my 2.1 computer system into something very unique.


Compared to the Asgard, the sound on the 400's is a lot fuller and the volume knob feels almost COMPLETELY linear. This is a rare thing, trust me. With EQ I found myself getting close to the max with the Asgards volume knob, but with the lyr in most cases I only need half the volume. I have bought a bunch of tubes for it, but haven't gotten to try them all out.


Let it be said that this should be one of the best hybrid amp values out there. I wanted the best for my 400's without being sucked into extravagantly priced amps. The lyr gives amazing sound and is actually worth it's asking price.


PLEASE pick this amp up if you own headphones that crave power like these Planar drivers, you will be extremely pleased.


My Lyr rarely ever gets past 9 o'clock. I don't know what the difference is but it seems everyone turns theirs up more. And I'm not listening quietly by any means.
I use a lot of 30-60hz EQ so I attune the Db level down by -7. This makes volume overhead extremely important and the Lyr has all of it to spare. 12-2o' clock here in that case, and that's rocking out volume. In most cases, the sound is so level and full, it does not need much volume at all. I don't think I've got this out of SS amps before.
yokken, mine never goes beyond 9 o'clock either. The LYR has no problems driving my LCD-3s.
So you just drop every by 7dB across the board, except for the 30/60Hz bands?
Exactly. I just use the itunes EQ and drop the master volume down 7Db from there are raise up those bands, works out very well. With that done they have exceptional and dramatic bass response as well as a more full and involving sound.
Cool. Trying it with my HE400s now. It definitely gives them more of a punch.
How'd you get it for $425?
FS forum (which I had to stalk for at least a week because the Lyr moves FAST on there.) came with six sets of tubes too, including stock. I bought some miniwatt tubes for them as well for later.
Kudos on the nice review. This makes waiting for my Lyr to ship almost unbearable! It's in stock but delivery is waiting on stock for my other orders. :(
i hooked up my hd600 with silver IC on the LYR...whew..the sound was so intimate, spatial and 3D, i was lost in delirium. :P
I share this sensation as well, the Lyr not only makes sound glorious, it takes it to the next level by NOT getting in the way. When I had the Asgard I would fiddle with it more, but with the Lyr it is truly all about the music. With the 400's and the lyr, my mind is never on the source and just the music; it is extremely liberating and the reason I got into this hobby in the first place.
love this. RushNerd I like your reviews
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