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This is a very good dac and I enjoy it

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Schiit Gungnir

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Pros: smooth and gets out of the way of the music

Cons: None

I purchased the Gungnir and the Meridian Director at the same time. At first I thought the Meridian was a better sounding dac, and regulated the Gungnir to headphone listening. The Gungnir was rather congested sounding out of the box, where the Meridian was open with a wide soundstage.  I had a very expensive Krell set up before my divorce and I sold all of my equipment as depression set it. I vowed never to get back into hi end again. After many years of car audio and talk radio I decided to purchase a Samsung Bluetooth speaker with tube preamp. Well I was floored by the sound and surprised I could actually do critical listing with this box. Lo and behold, it got my hi end juices flowing again! My last system cost me 35K and I was not to go back to that place again.Since I moved back home to care, for my mom, I just need a nice setup for my bedroom. So, I bought a modified Jolida a pair of super zero and sub( this is a great combination in a small room) .I purchased a mac air and a 3 TB hard drive and ripped away at my CD collection. After owning a Meridain 508.24,, that prompted the purchase of the Director as I love the Meridain house sound. Bouught the Gungnir to use with apple TV and Koss E90 headset(great sounding headphones).


I forgot about break in and low and behold, after some time I listen to the Gungnir again and was was shocked at the difference, after break in. Needless to say, the Meridain has been turned off and I am thinking of selling it. I can't imaging a more expensive dac could some much better. I bought my unit B stock from Amazon so I got a good deal on the unit. It has the upgraded USB and I have been spending a small fourtune at HD track, but the gungnir and 24/96K make my feet tap and forget ALL about the equipment.


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