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Schiit Gungnir Reviews


Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) Mini-Review


Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Despite costing less than competitor's flagships, is still quite expensive

Much has already been written about the Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby), so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. Rather, I'll briefly discuss my interpretations on various questions, opinions, and disputes that are central to people's decisions regarding buying this DAC.   My evaluation system   Source: iPod Classic ---> Apple lossless ---> Pure i20 dock ---> optical ---> Gumby ---> XLR ---> Teac HA-501 ---> Audeze LCD-2F     When evaluating DACs, it's important to use the correct resolution of expectations. DACs won't have drastically different sounds like headphones do, but there are differences. When speaking of differences, you...
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This is the first DAC I have heard that had an edge over my vinyl collection.


Pros: I got rid of my Linn LP-12 and 5,000 Albums. WAF is Very High!

Cons: Non that I have found

Absolutely amazing DAC.  I have the Gen 2 USB upgrade. I now listen to nothing but flac files. For years I would not listen to CD (digital) as I couldn't get over the harshness. This has changed the way I listen to music and increased my enjoyment. No more getting up to clean and change records, No longer a dedicated room and shelving to hold those records. I just click my mouse and get what ever I want in whatever order I want with all the Imaging, Depth and Dynamics I had on my LP-12. Run and buy one of these before the guys at Schiit wake up and realize how far above it's snack bracket the Gungnir performs and raises the price. Oh ya, been in Audio for over 20 years and...
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There is no limit to perfection, but this seemed like a good enough point to stop looking


Pros: Good resolution, clean sound

Cons: I would prefer smaller physical size, but I understand that discrete components need room in the case

I tried both Bifrost Multibit and Gungnir Multibit with HiFi Man HE-1000 connected via WA7. There was a clear difference between the two. There was no Yggy available to compare but the difference I heard convinced me it was time to stop looking and I grabbed a Gungnir. No regrets, happy with the sound.

Multibit Gungnir: a milestone in DAC performance & engineering


Pros: very natural, revealing and spacious sound; innovative and upgradable design

Cons: USB interface is not as good as competing DACs; relay clicking and track cut-off on sample rate changes

The delta-sigma Gungnir is a good DAC overall, but relatively to Audio-GD NFB-28 & Matrix X-Sabre DAC, the delta-sigma Gungnir has a more noticeable "digititis" that sounds too aggressive/harsh, especially with HD800. The delta-sigma Gungnir does have a bit of smoothness that somewhat masks these deficiencies, but they’re still there when you compare it to the Matrix. The multibit Gungnir is a complete transformation of Gungnir. Nothing like my past multibit experience with the Valab DAC (TDA1543), which was fun and smooth at first but quickly became boring/flat. Gumby brings a nice step up from the Matrix. I wouldn't call it a night and day difference, but more like a step up to the...
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Nice upgrade from the Bifrost


Pros: open soundstage, airy presentation, sweet sounding

Cons: expensive :)

I have the Bifrost before this and plugged this into my Valhalla before my Mjolnir arrived.  Even though it uses the same D/A chip as the Bifrost, I found it to be a significant upgrade that I could even hear with the Valhalla and my Beyerdynamic DT990 (600 ohm).  If I could only choose between the Gungnir or Mjolnir for upgrading my headphone system, and my headphones didn't require the extra power, I would probably go with the Gungnir, it was a more noticeable upgrade.  The Mjolnir was noticeable but unless your gear really requires that power, it probably will be less noticeable for you.  Even with the single-ended connections I was using with the Valhalla, it was...
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It's accurate and musical


Pros: takes my digital files/CD's from being a way to save overuse on my vinyl to perhaps junking my analog set-up

Cons: Can't have it in noir - big deal

The lead review hit the nail on the head.  The music breathes, the singers expand, move, breathe and fade away, the details and the gestalt both exist and neither compromises the other.  I've thrown thousands of tracks at it.  Tonight it was Joe Jackson, Cowboy Junkies, Prokofiev, Durutti Column, Poco, Diana Krall, Minimal Compact, etc...  I'm convinced, they all sound like music, unlike the past when maybe some Doug Sax mastered tracks would be decent, and the rest would have me turning down the volume and taking off the headphones in agony.   Heard some big buck Krell and ARC DAC's in the past and this unit is better than any of them.  I just got it in...
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Analytical and detailed powerhouse


Pros: Great separation and soundstage. Amazing detail and bass control. Oozes confident audio.

Cons: Switching bitrate in WASAPI makes it click and sometimes mute the audio. Large.


Gungnir MB clued me in to what a good DAC is all about.


Pros: Sound quality, clarity, and detail.

Cons: It's expensive, but it's been worth it for me.

I have been a fan of speakers over headphones for many years. I only got into higher end headphones and equipment as my new house is not condusive to setting up the large stereo system and I have not had the time to build the audio room yet. I ripped all my CD's to flac using EAC some years ago and slowly moved up the chain on headphone equipment to try and get closer to the sound I was looking for. That said, I recently moved from a Bifrost uber/Lyr2 to the Gungnir MB/Mjolnir2 to run my HD650's. The quality of the music I now hear has me completly floored. My music collection sounds amazing. The one key thing that sets this off for me is that cymbals sound like a cymbal. I can pick...
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Best sounding DAC I have heard


Pros: BIG soundstage. Liquid, sweet sounding, highly dynamic

Cons: none at this price

This is the delta-sigma version. I am waiting for the release of the Multibit-upgrade here in Europe. Still this DAC is by far the best i have heard - totally wiped out the Stello DA220 Mk2 I have on loan. Sound via XLR is even better!

This is a very good dac and I enjoy it


Pros: smooth and gets out of the way of the music

Cons: None

I purchased the Gungnir and the Meridian Director at the same time. At first I thought the Meridian was a better sounding dac, and regulated the Gungnir to headphone listening. The Gungnir was rather congested sounding out of the box, where the Meridian was open with a wide soundstage.  I had a very expensive Krell set up before my divorce and I sold all of my equipment as depression set it. I vowed never to get back into hi end again. After many years of car audio and talk radio I decided to purchase a Samsung Bluetooth speaker with tube preamp. Well I was floored by the sound and surprised I could actually do critical listing with this box. Lo and behold, it got my hi end juices...
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