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Schiit Audio Bifrost DAC Reviews


More attention grabbing than an an ankle biting ferret and highly likely to render you oblivious to anything else.

This is my non review of the Multibit upgrade to the Bifrost ('Bimby'), in which I don’t try and describe to you how it sounds. I think reviewing audio equipment must be like trying to describe sex with smoke signals. Unless you actually experience it for yourself, it’s just a bunch of pointless puffing. Instead I’ll tell you how it feels, which is brilliant.   Listening to Bimby I can’t hear what the second cellist had for lunch, and I can’t determine their spatial position relative to the violinist. Probably because I don’t listen to classical music and more thruthfully because either descriptions like that are bollocks and hyperbole, or my listening just isn’t that refined...
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REVIEW: Schiit Audio “Bifrost” DAC


Pros: Excellent performance at the price

Cons: Does not outperform very high end DACs

REVIEW: Schiit Audio “Bifrost” DAC   Introduction   By now, Schiit probably needs no head-fi introduction, and so I will not be providing one.  I will also not be making any jokes about the name.  Sorry.  That was so last review   I had asked to be sent a review loaner of the Bifrost when the announcement was made about its existence.  Schiit was nice enough to oblige – unfortunately it arrived at a very bad time for me at work, and I was able to spend a good amount of time casually listening to it, but not much time really evaluating it, or writing about it.  I have finally been able to do some of that, although this review isn’t...
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The new Multibit version is a game changer


Pros: Standalone DAC with multibit, 5 year warranty, beautiful, awesome build quality

Cons: 45 seconds startup time not mentioned in manual

This is a review for the Autumn 2015 Bifrost Multibit.    First reaction (after 5 minutes): this is certainly different than anything I have heard before. Clarity was the first thing that came to mind.   Second reaction: I can actually hear the difference between this and the Modi Uber and the difference is much bigger than I expected. By comparison the Uber sounded a little woolly or the Bifrost is just crystal clear.   Integral reaction: This DAC is so much fun to have in my setup and makes a (bigger than I expected) difference.   Game changer: This used to be my opinion on any DAC I sampled: "This DAC sounds like any other (decent) DAC i have heard."...
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Bifrost first impressions


Pros: audio quality, ease of set-up, build quality, price

Cons: none yet

  I'm really happy with my Bifrost.  I don't know if your experience will match mine but here goes:   I already have a DAC hooked up to my "good" system in my listening room.  But I have been waiting to find the best way to listen to the music in my downstairs family room served from an upstairs Drobo via Ethernet.  The Drobo is packed with all lossless audio, some of it ripped from CD, some high resolution, some needle drops.   So here's what I have: Old iBook G4 running OS 10.5 and iTunes > ethernet > Drobo > ethernet > Airport Express optical out> Schiit Bifrost > decent Rotel preamp and amp > B&W ceiling...
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GREAT, better then Modi, but modi is still great


Pros: music sounds stronger, more of a "base" to your music, switching,no noise using with Valhalla2

Cons: needs to warm up (to break in that is)

the new Bifrost Delta Sigma is great,  i first got the Modi and Magni then after 1 and a half years i got the Valhalla2 and wanted a better Dac, so i waited for the Schiit event for the Bifrost to be updated, then went for it! verses my modi using it with my Valhalla2, i noticed noise, BUT, now with the Bifrost (DS) I have yet to year noise.  I'm actually using some klipsch IEMs (g3) before the s4i, I NEED BETTER IEMs I KNOW,-im limited to IEMs because i can't get by strong magnets. I'm going to possibly get Klipsch X11i, Westone or Shure next.   the audio quality i put SLIGHTLY lower because some tracks off youtube (HQ or FLAC files if they even were)  didn't...
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End game DAC for my system


Pros: Space, imaging, PRAT, micro detail, dogmatically vigilant sound

Cons: None at this price

Holy Schiit!   That's the first thing that came to mind when I connected the Bifrost Uber to my system and gave it a listen.  Here's a rundown of a few things.   Amp: Trafomatic Head One Cans: Sennheiser HD600 Old DAC: V-DAC ii with V-PSU ii Apple lossless -> iPod Classic -> Pure i20 dock -> coaxial connection   For a long time, I felt my rig was basically end game.  But, over time, I began to notice some weaknesses in my overall sound, which I started to attribute to the V-DAC.  Some of the hailed strengths started to be weaknesses to me.  For example, at times it was too smooth and polite.  It rounded some notes off.  Then,...
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Perfect complement to Lyr, completes my digital music system


Pros: Great DAC for the price

Cons: slightly awkward placing of power switch

I bought the Bifrost to complete my home audio system. This started with me listening to my portable player at home, followed by open headphones, then headphone amp and finally HDD based music and the DAC.   The more home listening I did the more I needed something to link my HDD full of high resolution music to my lovely LCD2 headphones. As I'd been using a Lyr amp for some time, the Bifrost was the obvious solution. Fortunately, computer has optical audio output so I could get away with the basic bifrost without the USB option, so for me the USB as optional is a money saver rather than a cost.   I can't compare the sound with any other DAC, but the quality of playback is...
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Wonderful Clarity


Pros: Bright and crisp sound, 3 different inputs to match your setup, Solid construction, Great and prompt customer support

Cons: USB addon is pricey, Bright input indicator LEDs on front (color mismatched to a Schiit Lyr)

ALAC lossless music > MBP > Optical > Schiit Bifrost (previously a Nuforce uDac) > Schiit Lyr > Audeze LCD2r2 (previously a Denon d2000)   Artists listened to: Deadmau5 The Birthday Massacre Dub Fx Feed Me Flux Pavilion Skrillex Teebs   The construction of the Bifrost is superb, with only minor quirks. The aluminum chassis is rigid and sturdy; there's no body flex or any loose components inside. The only downsides are that the input indication LEDs on the front are bright and not the same temperature of white as the Lyr.   The jump in sound quality from a simple entry-level DAC is definitely noticeable. Everything about my music...
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Schiit Bifrost


Pros: Sound and build Quality

Cons: None

I own my Bifrost now for 2 months and it just keep getting better. Major improvement was also achieved by upgrading the power cable. Im not using it with headphones but to play music from Spotify via my iPad. I started my DAC quest via an Audioengine D1 to a Micromega MyDac which had issues with the Apple connection to finaly the Bifrost.

Bifrost Multibit: worth the price


Pros: transparency, realism

Cons: not balanced?

I only have my Mjolnir 2 Amp to test with Multifrost (Vali is in storage) so it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.   That said, since I sent in my uberfrost for the upgrade, I've noticed a general lack of sibilance in my music, a smoothness that I associate with sitting in symphony hall itself. It feels more natural, organic, palpable, and real. My main criticism of the uber is that it sounded digital. I heard compression artifacts and the sound could come across thinner than it would be in reality.   Bimby definitely isn't indistinguishable from a live performance, but the sound quality is still quite high, and represents an excellent value. I recommend it...
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