Holy Schiit.

A Review On: Schiit Asgard Headphone Amplifier

Schiit Asgard Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: Rock solid build quality, tons of power, great sound

Cons: turning knob up all the way results in random buzzing, not a huge issue but not sure what it's picking up or if it's just like that. On/Off clicking.

First off, when I got this thing it was a lot bigger than I was expecting. This is a hefty unit that's built to last and gets hot but not too much. 


Turning on the mini switch in the back results in white LED (very rare to see a white LED on electronics, this is a huge plus for me). The knob feels solid, textured, and encourages you to play with it!


I might mention this is the first time i've ever owned a proper amp, i'm coming from a Asus Essence ST with built-in headphone amp which doesn't hold a candle to to this. I am however still using it as my DAC.


This amp really shines with my Denon D5000's the low end is incredible and the soundstage is pretty decent.


Schiit happens you know :P
Not the first time you've seen a Schiit that size, I bet. ;)
@Night Crawer Lmao, they should have flushed it , oh my :))
I would never flush this, it's awesome.
Schiit just got real. o.O