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A Review On: Schiit Asgard Headphone Amplifier

Schiit Asgard Headphone Amplifier

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Pros: smooth, plenty of power

Cons: non I found

In my opinion which admittedly isn't the best one because I don't have much amp experience. But I would call the Asgard an extremely good buy at $250. The fit and finish of this amp is very good and is built for the long haul. Hefty little thing that pumps out plenty of power.


My k601's could pair better but this amp is doing them justice for what I am willing to spend.

My ATH M50's sound the best I think i'll ever hear them, out of the Asgard. Somewhat flabby bass tightened up nicely and they are now just plain a treat to put on.


The amp is very smooth and fairly non-analytical, there is plenty of detail but if your looking to work with studio mixing where you need to hear everything i wouldn't look here. This amp will remain in my possession for a long time.


Take a serious look, besides the interesting name the people behind it are very pleasant and great to do business with.


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A little bit late, but could you tell me your experience with AKGs?
Do you think the Asgard do not fit with the K601?