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Schiit Asgard Headphone Amplifier Reviews


Excellent in Price Category and Value


Pros: Detailed, Realistic Sounding, Bassier, Deeper, Smoother and Wider Soundstage

Cons: Larger that younger siblings; gets warm including the volume knob, but nothing crazy.

I've been reading so many replies and reviews how the O2, Magni and Vali sound the same. After weeks of listening to all of them, (yes I have them all) they are all not exactly the same . I've been using the same music and all else in the system is the same and have only changed the amps. Started with O2, then went to Magni. Yes the Magni and O2 sound very close. The Magni does sound a tad processed and thin compared to O2 but the Magni does have more authority as it is more powerful in comparison even though they all seem to struggle reproducing the source.   Then I went to the Vali. The Vali sounds nothing like the others. It's slightly ...
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Enjoyable new SS amp


Pros: smooth, plenty of power

Cons: non I found

In my opinion which admittedly isn't the best one because I don't have much amp experience. But I would call the Asgard an extremely good buy at $250. The fit and finish of this amp is very good and is built for the long haul. Hefty little thing that pumps out plenty of power.   My k601's could pair better but this amp is doing them justice for what I am willing to spend. My ATH M50's sound the best I think i'll ever hear them, out of the Asgard. Somewhat flabby bass tightened up nicely and they are now just plain a treat to put on.   The amp is very smooth and fairly non-analytical, there is plenty of detail but if your looking to work with studio mixing where you need to...
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Retro and Futuristic


Pros: Easy Non-complicated Perfection

Cons: It Gets Warm, But That's The Cool Part

The Schiit Asgard One Headphone Amplifier   Ramblings:Head-Fi is a roller-coaster! As consumers we are always blasted by the front page of Head-Fi and it's both easy to get confused and overwhelmed as to what would be useful in an audio set up. In the 1970s everyone had big audio receivers. These devices had phono amps and FM tuners. Some could power multiple speakers and headphones. These units were the hub of many a stereo. Manufactures would challenge themselves to add as many options as possible. If you look back it actually started to get comical as the units at one point had 8 track tape players coming out the front and turntables on top. It seems consumers were...
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My First Amp!!


Pros: Looks good, warm and relaxed sound

Cons: Not a lot of treble, it may lack detail

Ever since I became fascinated with sound and music (two or three years ago) I quickly realized audio gear doesn't come cheap. I was forced to only really buy budget gear unless it was my birthday or some kind of holiday. Anyways, Christmas was a week away and I needed to pick a few headphones, a dac, and an amp. This time I could get something truly special, I looked around at reviews on head-fi and I found Schiit! After browsing Schiit's website and laughing from there faq, I knew the Asgard was for me.    Build Quality and Design   I think it looks great! At first I wasn't a huge fan of the power switch being on the back but it probably would have looked ugly on the...
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Good stuff


Pros: weighty, looks great, powerful sound

Cons: slight hum

This was my first dedicated headphone amp. Before this, I ran a couple of component stereo receivers on my desk at work. I enjoy listening to my higher end home stereo system, and listening on my daily walk with my IEMs (in ear monitors) Initial impression of the chassis is very nice. It looks solid, feels solid, but can get very warm, so position it accordingly. I used it with my NOS Pacific Valve Fathom DAC, as well as straight from the computer. With a dedicated DAC, it obviously sounded better. After upgrading from my Pacific Valve NOS DAC to the Bifrost, I found it sounded even better. The two devices were better matched. The darker sound of the NOS seemed a bit fuller and...
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Newbie Review for Fellow Newbies


Pros: Class A Sound

Cons: More of a headstage, cosmetically the LED does not match the Bifrost

Mike and Jason have now successfully parted me with a tidy sum, but when I listen to their gear I smile.  I have an old pair of Grado SR-225's that I now realize I have never really heard.   I had already owned the Bifrost for my stereo but I had been driving the Grados with what was to me a nice sounding chip amp but I got tired of feeding the hungry little monster pairs of 9v batteries. I could wax prophetic for a few paragraphs but I will spare you the agony.  The sound can be summed up as that sweet even order harmonic clarity characteristic of single-ended circuit designs.  For me there is nothing that comes close to the purity and musicality of a...
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Holy Schiit.


Pros: Rock solid build quality, tons of power, great sound

Cons: turning knob up all the way results in random buzzing, not a huge issue but not sure what it's picking up or if it's just like that. On/Off clicking.

First off, when I got this thing it was a lot bigger than I was expecting. This is a hefty unit that's built to last and gets hot but not too much.    Turning on the mini switch in the back results in white LED (very rare to see a white LED on electronics, this is a huge plus for me). The knob feels solid, textured, and encourages you to play with it!   I might mention this is the first time i've ever owned a proper amp, i'm coming from a Asus Essence ST with built-in headphone amp which doesn't hold a candle to to this. I am however still using it as my DAC.   This amp really shines with my Denon D5000's the low end is incredible and the soundstage is...
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Incredible VALUE!


Pros: Sounds much more than $250, feels like much more than $250, low impedance output so it works with basically all headphones, made in USA

Cons: Runs a little hot...

Nearly every aspect of this amp can't be found for less money. You sould buy this amp for the sound, the value, and the customer service, oh the customer service. If Schiit isn't the industry standard in customer service I would be INCREDIBLY surprised. Jason makes the whole experience very personal. As far as sound goes, it is incredible for the price point. Everything is very clear and it really brings out the bass as in it increases the quality of the bass, not the quantity. I don't know much about mids or highs but my Denon AH-D5000's sound amazing with this amp. Nothing sounds harsh or shrill. A (possible) downside is that it doesn't sound as full and thick as some of the...
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Pros: Sound, Design, Customer Service, Quality

Cons: None that I have found

What can I say, I love this amplifier. However, if you're reading this, I'd take that with a grain of salt, since I have little experience with amplifiers. In fact, this is my first 'real' headphone amplifier, and I must say, I absolutely love it.   First off, the fit and finish is excellent. I love the quality of this unit. The silver is a really nice color for it. It's a nice solid weight, not too heavy (is there such a thing?) and not too light. Feels like you are really getting something worth your while when you take this out of the box. Mine only came with the feet and power cord in the box. The power cord seems to be of nice quality. I really like the use of this type of...
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Amazing detailed amp for it's price


Pros: Detail, Warmness, Design, Cost

Cons: Heat

I got an excellent deal on my Asgard and always wanted to test out a Schiit Audio product.  I kind of underestimated them after someone saying that the Objective 2 sounds as nice as this for a lower cost.  I've built over 10 Objective 2's myself and I have to say they can't touch the quality of this product.  The thing they have going for them is basically portability.  I guess you could say that the O2 is a portable Asgard.  And when you go portable, as with headphones, you lose some quality but it's still there.  Anyways, on to my review of this wonderful little amp.  I would say that this amp is the clean and neutral sounding amp of the Bottlehead...
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