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Asgard 2 Headphone Amplifier - Yes! It's the Schiit!

A Review On: Schiit Asgard 2

Schiit Asgard 2

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Pros: Excellent Sound and Clarity, detailed, realistic, bassier, deeper, smoother and wider than anything below the price range.

Cons: Volume knob gets hot; but there is an easy solution; read review.

I've been reading so many replies and reviews how the O2, Magni and Vali sound the same. After weeks of listening to all of them, (yes I have them all) they are all not exactly the same . I've been using the same music and all else in the system is the same and have only changed the amps. Started with O2, then went to Magni. Yes the Magni and O2 sound very close. The Magni does sound a tad processed and thin compared to O2 but the Magni does have more authority as it is more powerful in comparison even though they all seem to struggle reproducing the source. You can't compare a wall-wart amp to a full 110v powered amp. They don't compare and they should not. 


Then I went to the Vali. The Vali sounds nothing like the others. It's slightly more smoother and warmer, more of a natural sound but ever so slightly, and more realistic sounding. I was enjoying it very much for weeks. Then I decided to get the Asgard 2. Why? I read so much about it I just had to try it. The Vali also seem to struggle reproducing the source which makes sense as it's less powerful.


I have to say the Asgard 2 is is not like any of the others. Why have some said there is no difference? I'm suspecting what is happening is that people are not using high resolution (or not high enough resolution) tracks or headphones to distinguish the difference OR they just don't hear the difference due to their hearing biology. As a side note: I also did an electronic spectrum hearing test to verify my hearing at different frequencies to eliminate that factor, and I passed 100%. 


The Asgard 2; is in a whole other class. The Asgard 2 with the same headphones (HE-400) sound way more detailedrealisticbassierdeeper, smoother and wider is the best way to explain it with all else in the system being the same. The Mids seem more forward and lush. The Asgard 2 does not appear to add any color to the sound, but I may say on a scale from 1-100% if I had to say how much I think it does add coloration, maybe 10-20% which is not relevant to be considered significant, it's a really tiny amount but pleasant. The gain is also contributing to the level of authority also as it does have more gain than all the others even though it's also rated at 32 ohms at 1.0W RMS. 


As for noise (hiss); No hiss at any volume level either on High or Low gain either connected or not connected to a source with HE-400, so if you have higher impedance headphones there should be no worries.


As for humming; it's there, but like others have stated, it's barely noticeable to non existent and that is a huge exaggeration even, at least for my model. My findings are this; you have to be in a dead silent room and paste your ear on the chassis right over the transformer to hear it and even then it's so tiny of a sound there is no way anyone can hear this humming unless they are intentionally trying to hear it. Even if you put your ear on top of the amp over the grill area or to the side where the transformer is located, you can't hear it still. If your ear is 1" away from the same location you just can't possibly hear it unless you are super human! Shiit has done an excellent job in resolving this issue as others have stated overall.


As for the volume knob getting warm, it's true but nothing unbearable or unsolvable. But here is a tip if it really bothers you or yours gets possibly hotter than you like. I have done this with all my Shiit amps but not due to heat issues but just ease of turning the volume knob. Get 3 O-rings that are a tad smaller in diameter than the volume knob and stretch them over the volume knob.  On the Asgard 2 it makes it easier to turn the volume knob also but the added advantage is you won't feel any heat off the knob. Plus it looks nice too!


My serial is 002026 so I would hope all higher models do not have any of these issues or that they don't creep back into production. So for anyone that is thinking about the Asgard 2, YES it's worth it. You WILL hear a difference with respect to what was mentioned above about headphones, music quality rate and biology. This amp just sound like an actual amp, it sounds "real" while the others mentioned sound like they're struggling to making an effort to process the sound, but the Asgard 2 seems to do it effortlessly with authority is another nice way to describe it. 


Equipment: IPOD 7th Gen. > Cypher Labs AlgoRhythem Solo -R > Asgard 2 > HE-400


I hope this helps anyone who maybe interested in the Asgard 2. 





It's a pony-looking piece of schiit.
Nice review.  What DAC did you use for your tests?
Thanks for the great review. How much of the heat is radiated from the top? I'm thinking of placing my future one under my monitor which has about 6in of clearance.
6 inches of clearance should be fine. And yes, I have a newer Asgard 2 so I know about the heat production. Cheers.
Yea, what Dac did you use. It does make a bit of a differance
non the less though, the O2 and Vali sound nothing alike and with a Ortho like the HE 400the Asgard 2 extra power output should assits in producing a more authoriatative sound. Glad you picked up on that :3
for the record though I liked the vali with easier to drive Dynamic Headphones, for beyers I really enjoyed the presetation!
I think several of the talking points in this review should be more strongly qualified as the reviewer's opinion. For example, asserting that others will hear a difference between similarly spec'd solid state amplifiers is supported by zero evidence. Additionally, some of the proposed observations are in direct contradiction with the available public data regarding amplifier performance.
I invite the author to discuss and elaborate on his/her testing methods and reasoning that led to the conclusions presented in this review in a thread here. I am certainly curious how these conclusions were drawn and what merit they might actually have.
My solution for the heat problem is to add a small laptop cooler under the asgard.
Since I am using it with a PC, the USB powering it is close enought.
Even with a crappy cooler, it still keeps the amps slightly warm instead of hot.
Hello and congratulations on a review well-done!
It seems this amp has a lot to offer for 250$ - class A operation, discrete componentry, internal PSU... I am considering a purchase of this amp as a present for a friend as she just got a pair of AKG K701s and I was wondering how would this amp fare with those cans.
I always thought tube amps are better for dynamics (especially when they can be bright), so i think id probably go for valhalla insead of asgard for the K701 (thou it would be good to test that combo first...).
Hi Catspaw - whilst the K701 may sound perfectly Ok with an OTL tube like the Valhalla - they actually require more current than voltage, so in my (subjective) experience with the 701's, a good solid state amp is usually better.  I know comparing my LD MKIV and NFB-12 (properly volume matched), the SS NFB-12 definitely sounded better to me (again subjective).  I just thought the bass 'wasn't quite there' with the LD.
I completely agree. I find the K701 quite devious in that regard and they do work better with high-current amps. Perhaps people don't bother with finding a good match for them but affordable or not, they are not so easy to get along with. 
Brooko, I was making a far to wide generalization. You are probably right (since you actualy know that headphone).
Interestingly enought, I read a review that stated that the HD 800 sounded better with an asgard than with  valhalla or LYR (since asgard seems to be warmer).
I guess its impossible to know for certain thou, without trying yourself.
Equipment: IPOD 7th Gen. > Cypher Labs AlgoRhythem Solo -R > Asgard 2 > HE-400
Very nice write up Hi-Fi'er. It was very helpful to get me off my duff and go listen to an Asgard 2, now I own one. Simply stunning performance to say the least.
Headfonia's review is similar to Hi-Fi'ers. Very well said, ignore the haters they either don't have ears or don't have good enough headphones.
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