Sansa Fuze+ 8GB. Strictly OK player. But can do better than this...

A Review On: Sansa Fuze+ 8GB Black MP3 Player SDMX20R-008GK-E57,Black

Sansa Fuze+ 8GB Black MP3 Player SDMX20R-008GK-E57,Black

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Pros: Plays FLAC, MP3 320kbps, WMA, etc. Also plays videos converted to its format. Good res screen. Many EQ presets. Expandable upto 32gb via micro SD. Folder browsing included in last update.

Cons: Video has to be converted. Viewing angle bad from top. Only 1 custom EQ. Micro SD card exposed a bit. Screen gets scratched up. Extremely clunky UI. Useless ebook reding feature for txt files. Battery drains quickly.

Hi! This is my first review. So please bear with my mistakes if any and do let me know...


Sansa Fuze+ is the update for the very good Sansa Fuze player. the plus is a bit bigger and has a higher resolution display (320*240). I bought this since i had some credit left with the shop and they didn't have anything else that fit my budget that had expandable memory. I am coming from the Sansa Clip and i can honestly say that the UI of this player is the WORST! I mean all touch buttons! Really Sandisk? I would prefer touch screen or atleast some tactile feedback. It is very annoying while travelling. The song can change even through the pressure of the provided velvet pouch. I had to hold the screen lest i accidentally change the song.


You may think why i didn't use the hold feature. Truth is i did. And it sucked! You gotta press the power button at top to hold. Only problem is, that button is hard to press and has no tactile feedback! Really annoying! And to think i paid about $103 for it!


Coming to SQ, it was decent. After my Sansa Clip died a few years ago, I used my Samsung galaxy ace for music. Not the best, but gets the job done with my trusty Fiio E6 amp. My phone died and i got the Fuze+. Not the smartest choice. But it looked good on paper. SQ is very good with my Signature Acoustics C12 Wooden Elements IEM. Didn't even try the bundled earphones because they will be bad by default.


I have a bunch of FLAC and 320KBPS MP3s in the player and it plays them flawlessly. 60% volume was good enough while travelling in a noisy, rattling bus. EQ on Jazz worked really well with my IEM.


Video playback with the bundled video files was good. Didn't try converting videos and playing them on the player yet, since i bought this only for audio. Will post a review if i do try it.


I conclusion, if you need a good player, get something else. Cowon players are pretty good and cost a bit more than Fuze+ in India. But Cowon are worth it!

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Install Rockbox.....the player will be much easier to control then.