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A Review On: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Pros: Price, Size, Sound quality

Cons: Feels a bit flimsy

I bought these a while ago on Amazon (4GB Version) and had them shipped to Australia in 3 days for just $35. I've now been using it for about half a year now and it has held up wonderfully and there has been no problems whatsoever.


This came with a pair of alright earbuds, a USB charging cable, some manuals and a disc that I will probably never use. Overall, I think that all these accessories are great considering that the whole package cost just $30. However, I wished that it came with the USB charging dock thing. The earbuds are actually pretty good considering that they came free. I would say that Ik prefer them over the old apple earbuds and they are around the level of the new earpods which cost $30. 

Build Quality

Being plastic, the build quality isn't great, but you can get a nice silicone case that will protect it from falls. One thing that I'm concerned of is the clip at the back, which I always feel like is going to snap when I pull it open. The cable is very durable and should last you a long time. Overall, not great, but not bad either. 

DAC Section

I don't think that Sandisk states what DAC chip it uses, but it is actually quite decent. It is relatively clean and not as grainy as my Samsung Galaxy S3 Wolfson chip. The background isn't very clean, but it does incredibly well for a $30 player. 

AMP Section

One thing that I dislike about this player is that the amp is bass heavy. I believe that all DAPs should be neutral and if you want it to be bass heavy, then you can EQ it. On the good side, the amp is quite powerful and it powers all IEMs that I have thrown at it. However, it does have quite a lot of trouble powering higher impedance headphones but this is really nitpicking since after all, this is a $30 player. 



The bass is a bit bloated and quite slow. For some people, this may be a good thing, but I prefer it to be more neutral. It does render the low frequencies very well though and there is very good sub bass. However, bass detail is lacking, but you probably won't notice until you hear much more expensive players. The bass can be said as both the selling and weak point of the Clip+. 


I feel like the mids were better before I rockboxed it. After rockbox, the mids just sound a bit odd since the lower mids seem a bit recessed and the higher mids seem a bit forward. Notice that I said a bit and that is because it realy isn't that bad and is only a minor downside. If you feel like you listen to a lot of vocal songs and the like, you may be better off not rockboxing it, even though there are more functions and better battery life after rockbox.


The treble is very nice and even though the bass is a bit heavy, I don't feel like this affected the treble and made it veiled at all. Yes, the treble is a tiny bit recessed, but it is very smooth and it really helps in reducing sibilance. Cymbals do sound a bit dull though. If I remember correctly, before rockbox, the entire sound signature was a bit more balanced and the highs had more sparkle to them. 


I do realise that this review may have come out as a bit bad and sounds like I don't like this player. This is not correct by any means. I have a 30x more expensive HDP-R10 and I am used to the hyper detail that those put out. Because of that, I find the Clip+ lacking in many areas, but if you are looking for a player under $100, I cannot recommend the Clip+ any more. It really stands as the best price/performance player I have ever had the chance to listen to. Another question that you might ask is whether to rockbox or not. Many people find that rockbox makes the sound better, but I disagree. I find that rockbox makes the sound slightly worse, but I am willing to sacrifice that tiny bit of sound quality for better battery life and more functions. 


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