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A Review On: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Pros: Dead Easy to use if your computer likes it. Loud. Sounds good

Cons: If your computer doesn't like it, you've had it.

I was given this as a Christmas present. It took ages until I got a peep out of it. Windows XP Service Pack 3 seems to act like rat poison on this. Utterly refuses to acknowledge the presence as an external drive.


Sure you can trawl Google and get any amount of fixes (generally involving holding down button combinations or worse), but they didn't work for me at all.


Download a new driver, you say? Not if the Sandisk website requires you to plug the thing into a USB port before it parts with said driver. As it doesn't show up, you are stuffed there.


XP Service Pack 2 or Vista work a treat, so everything becomes a doddle. The ripping implement is Windows Media Player. You can ether synchronize the Clip to it, or if you don't get the terminology, and can't be bothered looking it up, set WMP to rip when you whack a CD in and drop the ripped files into a convenient folder.


Then drag 'n' drop, and you are away. I've fiddled with the EQ a bit, and adopted a "Decca Phase 4" policy. Boost the bass and treble. Then boost the middle while you are at it.


Volume is quite deafening, yet the sound stays clear. My listening criteria are merely that it sounds reasonably close to The Big Stereo speakers or the Grado SR125s (which have supplanted the Sony CD470s as they are just more. Everywhere.


The Clip copes admirably with everything on it. Chamber music to big orchestras, Organ, Brass and Concert Bands, McGarrigle Sisters and Proclaimers to Alabama 3 via Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding and a lot of metal. They all sound like I want it to sound, and I can't really ask for more.


The battery life appears to be geological.  I do have to charge it up now and then. but I've never actually timed it.


I like it, it's tiny and it preserves my sanity on the London Underground. I confess I use the clip to tidy the miles of wire on the Sennheiser PX200s rather than attach it to pockets and such. 


I've also just stuck a 16GB Micro SD card into it and bulldozed everything over from the main 8GB drive. Sounds just the same.


If your computer doesn't like it, Rockbox it.  Problem solved!
Thanks, KJ. I had migrated to Windows 7 quite a while ago, and have not has a moment's trouble from it from then on. (It's still going very well  :)   )
(I will keep RB in mind for when Microsoft inevitably pulls the W7 rug from under me. Not fancying W8 at all... )