SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player Reviews


Sansa Clip is pretty cool


Pros: Small, Cheap, Good SQ, Nice UI for two colors, Rockbox

Cons: No out of box FLAC, not the best batter life, purely good for audio

Sansa clip's a pretty cool guy, eh has good sound quality and doesn't afraid of simple design. I tested it with both AD700s and the default buds since my SE215's haven't come yet, and both times it blew onboard sound out of the water, it was much clearer, and naturally had less interference. The clip is also pretty handy if you want to walk or jog. I also found the UI very aesthetically pleasing for using the two colors they had to work with. Overall the only con I found is it doesn't have absolutely amazing battery life, but it's still pretty decent.   Albums I tested it with -In Rainbows - Radiohead -Drink the Sea - The Glitch Mob -Cross - Justice -Yoshimi Battles the...
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