SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Red) Reviews


The best cheap baseline player


Pros: Sound. EQ. Portability. Durability.

Cons: Hiss. Navigation

Some Background:   I’m currently 18 years old which as little as that matters to me seems to be interesting to many people in this community. I’ve always liked music and sound equipment but I never really got into the head-fi hobby until I discovered the Live Sound field from my schools drama club. From there I began to appreciate sound quality as it was just satisfying for me both from listening but also the engineering and everlasting ability to tweak and work on such.   I have worked with home audio, car audio, theater/show systems, portable/personal audio, digital audio (IP-LAN(uhg…) and DSP) and lots and lots of DIY projects. I’ve gone as far to make some of my own...
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How come so many people use iPods ?


Pros: Tiny, extendable memory, rockboxable, handful clip, reads FLAC, dynamic playlists, astonishing price/functionnality ratio

I bought this DAP for $50, along with a 16-GB micro SD card that cost me $17. So I've got a total capacity of 18,4 GB in a DAP which is 5,5 cm long, 3,5 cm wide and 1,5 cm thick for a total of $67. Less than the third of the price of an iPod nano that has less than 16 GB of memory.   It does everything I expect a DAP to do : it can sort tracks by folder in addition of all other ways, it allows dynamic playlists, it can play FLAC files (even if I never use this feature), and many other. All you can wish, I guess. The only things I miss don't even come from the DAP itself, but from Rockbox : to me, it lacks a "stop after current" function, as in foobar2000, and a "clear...
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Best Walkabout Player


Pros: tiny; good battery life; Rockboxable

Cons: tiny letters, don't love the native UI

Rockbox it and you've got great sound in a tiny package. Give it to an amp and it's better yet, but not so portable.   After looking around at some other reviews, here are a few more details.  First off, I should say that I'm a music lover, not an audiophile (yet).  Although I can detect some differences -  between amped and unamped sources, between the different headphones and IEMs I own for example - I don't yet have the depth of experience or language to give an extremely detailed review of this little player.   Did I say it was little? We're talking 2" x 1" here. It would be hard to get more portable. Unmodded, it's perfectly reasonable and...
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