SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB MP3 Player (Black) Reviews

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Sansa Clip+


Pros: Supports FLAC, simple interface, good DAC

Cons: Headphone jack's on the right side, should've been on the left.

Packaging   Sansa Clip+ player. USB interconnect cable to charge via PC and to transfer data. CD installer for Rhapsody. Earbuds.   Pros   It supports a lot of formats, even lossless formats. Very simple interface, easy to understand. Very good music playback. Definitely better than players around and even above it's price point. Option to add extra microSD card to increase storage space. Can be clipped onto sleeve or slipped into your pocket easily.   Cons   I would've liked the headphone receiver jack to be on the left side. Very small and lightweight, not very difficult to misplace. 10 hours...
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Great value for a light life


Pros: 32G SD expansion, Rockbox, decent sound quality, decent battery life. So small you wont notice its there.

Cons: So small you wont notice its there. In an age of smartphones and touchscreens the screen feels old fashioned,

This is the best value for weight music player there is! With Rockbox flashed it has plenty of customization and sound quality tweaking options. However the flashing process was a bit scary for a noob like me. It already plays any format you throw at it, so flashing with rockbox is really only for the tinkerer in you.   People have argued that the headphone cable should be on the other side. I dont feel this matters as the device is so light it is easy to grip anyway.   Wearing reading glasses, I feel the screen is a bit difficult to read outside, but with rockbox you have plenty of options for display design and fonts.   Otherwise it is a pleasure to use....
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excellent value


Pros: cheap, rockbox compatible

Cons: scan noise, battery life, screen

There's not much to be said about this little fella. It is a great value, if it didn't have that scan noise when powering up and the rather small screen I would like it even more. At it's price it's really hard to beat.

Sansa Clip+: The greatest portable music player in it's weight class!


Pros: Good sound, small size, light, portable, great battery, extendable memory

Cons: UX could be a tad better. Packaging is a (one time) pain to open

It's a great music player that is portable and has a clip to be used while on-the-run. It works well and is simple to use. It supports MP3 and FLAC, the two main formats I love and allows drag drop of music into it. It also connects as a PnP device as well as in managed mode using WMP giving you options on how you want to manage your music.   Over all, it's a great music player. Best at it's price point (as a small portable music player in the iPod shuffle/nano range as opposed to the full display type players). It's so good that when I lost my first player (I gave it to a friend who forgot to pick it up after lunch :/), I went out and bought it again. And do note, I...
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