Sansa Clip+: The greatest portable music player in it's weight class!

A Review On: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Pros: Good sound, small size, light, portable, great battery, extendable memory

Cons: UX could be a tad better. Packaging is a (one time) pain to open

It's a great music player that is portable and has a clip to be used while on-the-run. It works well and is simple to use. It supports MP3 and FLAC, the two main formats I love and allows drag drop of music into it. It also connects as a PnP device as well as in managed mode using WMP giving you options on how you want to manage your music.


Over all, it's a great music player. Best at it's price point (as a small portable music player in the iPod shuffle/nano range as opposed to the full display type players).

It's so good that when I lost my first player (I gave it to a friend who forgot to pick it up after lunch :/), I went out and bought it again. And do note, I can't buy this at a local store (in India). I waited for a friend to fly back from the US with this player for me.

That's how good this is ;)


Note: My review is based on the 8GB player I have which exactly the same except for the size and cost. Don't be put off on the money I paid, I paid $53 for the 8GB with delivery off Amazon.


It is a very nice player, however the short battery life is annoying. It only gets around 12 hours or so. If they had made it around 50% thicker, they could have probably more than doubled the battery life. With card prices so cheap now, a 2GB Clip+ and a 32GB microSDHC card cost around the same as an 8GB Clip+.
my idea was to get the 8GB + 32GB :D
Haven't seen the 32GB microSDHC in the market in India yet.. at least not for a decent price. :)
12 hours of battery life isn't too bad, is it? I've managed to take long flights where I listen to music for 12+ hours straight from my home to reaching the hotel at my destination. I think that's pretty good but I agree, if they could make it 50% thicker and double the battery life, I'd take the thicker Clip+. Idea for a Sansa Clip++? ;)
Really, I got my 32 GB card for less than $50(Rs 2400) in October 2011 and I have a clip +(RockBoxed) as well playing APE, ALAC, FLAC, MP3 everything... works well. UI is good too.
I had a Clip+ and recently picked up a Clip Zip. Same sound but now a color screen with album cover art (low rez). These things fight way above their weight class! I love them!
Good point wrathzombie. I see the 32GB microsd card for Rs. 2199 (~$44.24) which is almost as much as the player itself. Sure, it's bound to cost that much right now and tbh, I don't really need an upgrade at the moment. Knowing the price curve of silicon memory devices and the fact that I don't *really* need one right now, I think I can wait it out till it comes down a bit.
It's not about being cheap or anything.. it's just that I don't need the upgrade right now so that $50 would be more useful in getting me a good pair of earphones :P
Had thought about rockboxing it but never got around to it for some reason.
@palmfish: Wow, didn't know a new one came out. Looks sweet :) If I ever need to get another one (hope I don't "lose" this one too :P) I'll consider these.