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A Review On: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)

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Pros: Portable, good sound (once ROCKboxed), easy to use, and cheap

Cons: feels abit cheap compared to the Fuze, but at the same time its still well made, no LO

I got this alittle while ago with a S:Flo2, and I used it for awhile then just used the S:Flo2, but after ROCKboxing it with ROCKbox 3.7, I think this is 1 of the best value MP3 players around, and its even better considering the ease of use, battery life, and size, in my honest opinion though the Fuze is the better buy if you don't need a small MP3 player, it feels alot better made, and is even easier to use, also the Fuze as a LO, so it sounds better when paired with my E7


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