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SR950 Review

A Review On: Samson SR950

Samson SR950

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Pros: HUGE clean bass, velour pads, V or U shaped sound signature

Cons: Very, very mild treble spike

My audio chain is MP3@320 or FLAC > HiFimeDIY USB Isolator > HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 > Fiio 6" cable > Objective2 w/ 16v 400mA adapter > SR950.


The SR950s are fairly detailed headphones possessing a well designed V or U shaped sound signature. They can output massive amounts of clean bass. Without mid bleeding. Massive.


Whatever the sound sig is, it is very pleasing when listening to most music. They don't do classical well, but everything from metal, pop, and rap to rock is covered. The vocals remain surprisingly forward for a mild V/U shaped sound signature, and the highs are crisp.


They isolate well, have a heavy clamping force, and use velour pads. Comfy for me, but an easy fix is the classic box stretch.


The closest comparison I can make is the M-Audio Q40. Quite simply, the SR950 blows them out of the water. Cleaner bass, better overall sq, no overt sibilance, velour pads. The lack of a removable cable is their only loss in comparison.


I'd buy them again just for listening to metal/alternative/genres with heavy elements... That seems to be the area where they shine.


The sound/price ratio is excellent.

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Strange that you like these and dislike JVC HA-FX101. They both sound pretty much similar.
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