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RudiStor IMD-3

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Pros: Very Confortable, Punchy, Good Basses

Cons: Little Recessed mid-high

My first online purchase and my first review. ( i follow the track of others)


Bought from manufacturer website, delivered in two days. No taxes. Used for almost a day.

Normal carton box with nice graphics, was placed inside a protective envelope, and everything in a UPS standard shipping envelop. Arrived just perfect. Headphone comes with a black flannel traveling pouch.

No problem with manufacturing quality for me, it's a nice blue on black plastic ( ABS?) and look solid at least as most of the others. Nice the customized jack.

I found the two set of tips are a little different, the blue set is nicer but harder, the black one is made in softer  silicon, using black tips the IEM fit better and even the highs comes on.

It's the right headphone for dynamic music, remember to me the Edition 9 ( just to give an idea, don't man is the same !) Great with drums high dynamic and basses , I like Hans Zimmer sound tracks ( Inception, Dark Knight ...) was really  a great emotion!. With more relaxing music, vocals and classic it's still good with a prominence of basses.



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