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RudiStor IMD-3 review (50hrs)

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RudiStor IMD-3

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After around 50 hours burn-in: - Muddy, fat yet shallow bass, recessed mids, non-existent highs. if the mids aren't this recessed it is actually quite smooth, and there/s no sibliance problem cos there's no highs. one should not underestimate the power of burn-in but if burn-in can turn this into something half-decent i'd be really pleasantly surprised. i'll do another review after maybe a few hundreds of hours if there's any such surprise.


Terrible build quality: there is glue mark ON BOTH SIDES and the right panel (the blue part) cannot sit in place, thus flapping outwards a bit. I can put a blind eye on the glue mark but the panel is really disturbing, it's like i'd lose it any second. The ear gels included are simply horrible: hard and refusing to fit in the ear canal - in fact I haven't seen any sleeves this bad in these few years when every iem manufacturer knows how to make (or from which source to get) quality sleeves.


Terrible package, with a printer-quality cardboard box, a so-so velvet-like pouch, and 2 pairs of hard, silicon-like sleeves of similar size but different color (what's the pt?). The earphones themselves look OK actually, but for the loose panel.


I have absolutely no complaints on Rudi's amps but this........no Rudi should go back to the design table and work on it from scrap again. I'm saying this while trying my best to put its striking resemblance to Sony's EX700 out of context.


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