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Clear and natural.

A Review On: Rockit Sounds R-50

Rockit Sounds R-50

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Pros: Balanced Sound, Amazing Detail, Very quick, Great Sensitivity and moderate impedance.

Cons: Lack of tips, case it comes with is a little small.

I love accuracy and detailed audio reproduction and I was looking to get a set of Etymotic HF5's but after talking to Billy at Noisy Motel I was introduced to the Rockit R50, these had unbelievably good write-ups here on head-fi and are a great price so I thought I need to check them out.  Billy's customer service was great and he agreed to wait at the office to meet me after hours (thanks again if you're reading this Billy!).


I currently have a pair of Etymotic MC5's, and Monoprice 9927's as my other IEM's, the R50's absolutely blitz both of those units.  The sound is comparable to my AKG K702 with a little more bass and a much smaller soundstage and less air (as can be expected).


At first I was very impressed, but then I let some music play through them at moderate volume for a few hours (I'm a burn in believer, even if it probably doesn't work with BA drivers).  After this I put a set of Etymotic triple-flange tips on and I put them back on and listened to some music I was very familiar with, WOW!.


I could hear new details in tracks I've listened to countless times with countless headphones, I could finally hear what those background voices in some of my Boards of Canada tracks were saying.  The natural sound and neutrality of these IEM's is very very impressive, they seem so effortless and balanced.  They handle bass well, they handle treble very well (although not super-high airy treble, but I think this may be because they are actually inside my ear), the mids are a tiny tiny bit recessed but really I'm being very picky. 


These are nothing short of amazing at the $129 I paid for them.  Also if you're like me and you don't want to fiddle with memory wire and looping these over the ear you can just straighten the wire out and use them like normal IEM's (although the Left side goes in the Right ear).  I've heard complaints about build quality but I was told this had been rectified with the newest version although they are still not the most durable IEM's available, but with them having a silicone coating on the outside these feel quite good and I don't feel like these are just going to fall apart. 


I've noticed they do sound better out of my o2 than out of a portable player (the treble seems to be more apparent out of the o2).  I am going to make a 75 or 150 ohm impedance adapter to use with these (and my Sony MDR 7520's) soon, mainly so I can turn the amp up more than anything else (120db sensitivity!) but I'll report back if it changes the sound at all.


If you're like me and you crave accuracy and detail in your music then give these a go, you will not be disappointed!


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