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Amazing sound, amazing price

A Review On: Rockit Sounds R-50

Rockit Sounds R-50

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Pros: Sound quality (transparency, balance, detail, soundstage), comfort.

Cons: Accessories

Let’s start with the accessories, which are 3 pairs of silicone tips (small, medium and large size), airline adapter plug (should replace it with foam tips or something else more practical IMO) and a small nylon carrying case.

Even with the stock tips isolation is very good, it does isolate from almost all unwelcome outside noises but you will still be able to hear car beeping or someone calling you loudlybigsmile_face.gif which is quite important to me.

Comfort wise they are rather good too, housings are light and small, though my ears did ache from wearing them first few days, now I don’t even feel that they’re in.

Housings are well built and they won’t break unless you want them to, but in this price range you can find better solutions if durability is a top priority. Cable is on the thin side but feels sturdy enough to not be afraid of tearing it accidentally.

And I acctualy like their looks, it suits well my military style cool.gif


And now about the sound. First what I noticed listening R-50 is how transparent they are comparing to all the earphones I’ve listened before, there is no bass leakage or background noises whatsoever, at least to my hearing.

I find R-50 to be perfectly balanced.  To my hearing bass isn’t lacking at all, it’s clean, tight and punchy, with short decay time.

There is slight midrange domination over the other frequencies. Midrange is clean and accurate and intimate, vocals sound very natural and close, which is rather thrilling.

Just as everyone describes it treble is sparkly, clean and with great extension. At the first listen I didn’t like treble being too sparkly and even tended to use equalizer, but after few hours of listening I got used to it and started enjoing it popcorn.gif

Separation and detail is probably as good as it can get, you can clearly distinguish different instruments even on a very busy and fast track. R-50 also offers good soundstage but not better than my SoundMagic E30. 

Many state R-50 to be too analytical and fatiguing. I in my turn consider them quite musical and enjoyable for casual listening smily_headphones1.gif

1 Comment:

nice ! if you find the treble too sparkly and want a bit of bass texture - use shure olives! thats the game changer, paired with the r50 - its just amazing
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