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An extremely disappointing and mediocre sounding pair of headphones. I was completely disappointed based on the good reviews.

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Rockit Sounds R-50

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Pros: Decent detail

Cons: Highs are sharp and brittle and in some cases downright painful, Bass is missing on a level I haven't experienced before.

I ordered these biased on the excellent reviews they received here on headfi. If you listen to anyone listen to me. These headphones sound BAD and just plain wrong. I have tried these from 2 sources now. First was my Sound Blaster Z... Completely unusable when connected to it. The highs are so harsh and sibilant that they make everything seem unpleasant tinny and just awful. Cymbal crashes will make you cry in pain, Voices will sound shrill and like nails on a chalkboard and the bass is just gone. Not there in the slightest. Completely and totally missing. Kick drumbs sound like a high pitched click instead of a full boom like they should. Its quite strange.  Using my other source Fiio e7 they are usable but just sound mediocre. It's not as clean as the Creative and the highs are cut off which is beneficial to these headphones. Either source I use the sound stage is tiny and everything sounds very thin and unpleasant. 


Compared to my Sennheiser HD598's and my AKG K550's they are just not even in the same ball park. I was hoping they would sound a bit like the 550's but they don't they just sound awful. 


Lastly the cords with the way they wrap around your ears is just plain stupid. It's hard to put them on, and they don't stay formed enough to stay hooked over my ears. I have to constantly squeeze them together to keep them formed around the back of my ear. When I bought them I figured I would just not use that and use them like normal ear buds but if you do that the drivers are upside down and are out of phase therefore making them sound very strange. 


DO NOT buy these. They are horrid. I took the gamble on them so you don't have to. 


go for xba-h1 then , or may be h3 .
Just saying, but being upside down doesn't mean the drivers are out of phase in any sense. Someone has to ask, but have you used IEMs before...? Because it sounds a lot like you don't have a seal, at all?
I have had a couple other IEM's before from Etamotic, Sure and klipsch. I definitely was getting a good seal. I actually thought that was the problem first off but after I tried all of the sizes that came with as well as tried some foam ones I ordered off of amazon with no changes I can conclude that wasn't the case.
They sound very strange upside down... Not sure what the proper terminology for it is but they don't sound right at all. After trying it again sitting here with them I think it is probably just the way they have to be angled when they go in your ear upside down.   
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