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So close to being a legendary earphone BUT not quite

A Review On: Rockit Sounds R-50

Rockit Sounds R-50

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Pros: Treble detailing, spacious sound, wide soundstage and layering

Cons: Bass, not enveloping, slightly thin sounding at times, a tad sterile

Just want to state up front my review rating is an absolute rating, not one based on comparative performance, pricing etc. 


These are my observations after using an iBasso DX50, MacBook air, FiiO E17 and Sansa Clip Zip as test sources. I found very little variation between those sources with the DX50 maybe bringing out a little bit more richness and depth.

Highs: Well what can I say, the treble is of such a high quality I was surprised. They can be a tad sibilant depending on what you are listening to but generally I would say the highs are of a very high quality not far off earphones that cost a lot more. Detail is there in spades and the wide soundstage and layering is also very good.

Mids: A repeat of the highs really. Very wide, layering even better than in the highs. The start of the weaknesses appears in the mids however. At the lower end things start to fade away and lower mid sounds that should be there are pushed way back. This takes away from the richness of the sound making the overall presentation quite thin. Such a shame.

Lows: If you are even a mild bass head then look the other way, these do not deliver anywhere near the right level of bass. I could not find one track that sounded as it should. The bass was either veiled or just not there at all. I tried every tip available and others I had. Nothing helped. If Rock-it can get the bass right on their next release we could be on for a fantastic pair of earphones.


Overall: After living with these for a couple of months I am deeply frustrated. Rarely at the lower price ranges have I found anything near what I could call 'very good' sound quality. Most things sound cheap, unnatural, unbalanced or just plain wrong. I am happy to report that if you can live without much bass then these are a bit of a bargain. The build quality, as others have pointed out, leaves a lot to be desired. They feel very delicate and may break easily. Another point is the physical size of these, they are tiny. I find that a good thing as the fit snuggly in the ear and once inserted remain in place no matter what you are up to.


I am very much looking forward to the next release!


Sorry, but what is an "absolute rating"?  I'm not sure how it's possible to rank something without having at least some frame of reference.
What tips are you using for  these? I found that using ety tri-flanges/shure tri-flanges to be a god send. Bass became more present after I switched over from stock tips. Eliminates sibilance too. 
My rating is my view of these earphones in isolation, not compared with anything else. I do not consider the price, just my perception of the audio qualities.

I tired triple flanges but still heard a bit of sibilance. I am very sensitive to high treble region so a lot of people may not have the same perception as me. I have friends who have no issue with the sibilance on these.
Sounds like the DN-1000 is for you! R50 sound with less sibilance and much more bass. 
Will give it a try! Thanks :
Just wanted to add that my rating is not bad by any means, I would only give 5 star to something truly exceptional that reproduced music in a natural and authentic (uncoloured) way. I usually use some tracks that I heard during mastering so know how they 'originally' sounded and can reference what I hear played back through the earphones against this. Hope that helps people understand what I look for whilst reviewing earphones/headphones etc. :)
While I appreciate effort of the review, my one gripe is that you seem to be proclaiming yourself as the objective authority on sound quality, and no such thing exists.  Then, when you insist that you're reviewing not out of comparative performance, you go on to say, "They can be a tad sibilant ... not far off earphones that cost a lot more."   I'm not trying to be a prick or anything, but which headphones? 
It's important to make reference to widely known headphones because you can't expect us to know exactly what it is you hear and at the same time be able to compare it to what we are capable of hearing.  That and when you say something as strong as, "If you are even a mild bass head then look the other way, these do not deliver anywhere near the right level of bass. I could not find one track that sounded as it should", you could very well be correct.  However, the crucial bits of missing information are: what particular pieces of music were you listening to and which ear-tips did you use?  I mean to emphasize the latter because tip-rolling can play a significant difference in sound quality with regard to the seal. 
I don't own these myself so I can't judge as to whether or not your perception of sibilance is due to an improper seal, natural hypersensitivity, or even a combination of both.   I, myself, sometimes have to rely on comply foams instead of stock ear-tips in order to get an adequate seal.  It would make your review your complete if you gave them a try, though the cost is admittedly somewhat exorbitant.  
Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting that your personal perception of music is without value, but it needs to be mentioned in conjunction with the source used (which, to your credit, was listed), the particular pieces of music (or just genres, if you prefer not to be specific), a thorough journey through tip-rolling, and at least some comparison to headphones on which you are basing your evaluation of the highs/mids/lows to be of maximum usefulness to us readers who may be interested to try the Rockits.
Anyway, sorry for being so verbose and I only mean well.
Sorry to have offended you so much on this. Wow you really have gone to some tourble on dressing me down. My review is purely subjective and as you say, there is no one truth with anything audio related. I agree I should add the music listened to but since I probably heard well over 300 tracks I would prefer not to list them :) I always try to listen to a broad range of genres to discover as many nuiances as possible.
I am entitled to my views and if you do not agree with them that is fair enough. I can review in which ever way I like and if people do not like the style I use that is also fair enough. That is the beauty of an open forum and thank goodness we can all express our opinions in whichever way we like :)
I'm not offended so much as I am just trying to offer some suggestions for future reference.  I hope you keep making reviews because few people go to the effort to do that.  However it's important to note that you have the potential to influence the business of the companies of the headphones that you review.  Full disclosure of your musical tastes, experience with other headphones/sources/amps etc. will give you a better foundation for credibility because it's in poor judgment to assume that we have any idea what their extents are as Internet readers stumbling onto your review.  That said, I'm completely mindful that you're entitled to your opinions, and an important purpose of this forum is to allow us to express them.
Appreciate your views. My equipment history and past reviews are available for all to see so anyone who does want to gauge further into my experiences and views are more than welcome to contact me via PM. I would hate to think any products be developed without in depth discussion with people rather than skimming a few light reviews on websites :)
R-50s r the only choice in that price range though I know they r definitely not the best iems in this world. However, like I said in my review, I don't agree that "these do not deliver anywhere near the right level of bass". In fact, they delivery the exactly same bass as my HD580s and RS1is (both r reference lvl headphones) can do IMHO.
"While I appreciate effort of the review, my one gripe is that you seem to be proclaiming yourself as the objective authority on sound quality, and no such thing exists."
I don't see anything wrong with your review, Krisman.  If you can't review a product using our experience as "the objective authority" for your review content, then there is no purpose in writing a review.
As stated in my review, I thirst/hunger for bass as much as bassheads do.  That makes it obvious that the R-50 are bass light when I am in basshead mode.  But, in normal mode the R-50 are not bass light to my ears.  I find that the amount of bass is clinically correct.  They have a little more (or perhaps better) bass than my GRADO SR80.  Moving from the low frequencies into the middle frequencies, I find your review spot on about the lower mids being weak in presence or pushed back.
Why do some people find the bass right with the R-50 while others find them bass light?  Our brains adapt to the amount of bass that we have been listening lately.  The R-50 do not fit well in an IEM cycle where bass heavy IEMs are involved.  They will definitely sound bass light if they are used in that fashion.  Still, when I get used to their bass amount after listening to the R-50 only for days, that is, when the R-50 are at their best for an evaluation, the lower mids sound like you wrote in your review with most recordings.
So, if the R-50 had more robust lower middle frequencies notes while keeping the bass the same, I would have to disagree with the overall picture of your review.  But, that is not the case and I don't find your review misleading at all, when looking at the overall sound profile that your ears get from the R-50.
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Thanks for the review!  I picked mine up on Ebay last month and they have become my "go to" all day EIM.  The crazy part is  that I predominantly listen to very bass driven music (Hip-hop, Trap, R&B, Gospel, and top 40) and I am more than satisfied with the level of bass.  However, I am using a Fiio E17 DAC\AMP with the bass kicked up to "2"...sometimes "4"  LOL!
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