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Very Impressive Performance & Price Ratio.


Pros: Natural timbre, Detail, 3 Adjustable tuning filters, Cable, Packaging

Cons: L/R Markings far too small, no cable cinch, Treble filters too bright.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Rock Jaw for the Alfa Genus sample. Only a few weeks ago I hadn't heard of the company Rock Jaw, however through a friend was offered to sample one of their new products. Being more than interested in the filter adjustment tuning feature and neodymium drivers I happily took on a review sample. Let me say it's been more than interesting and delightful, especially tinkering around with the 3 different tuning filters. It's almost like having 3 earphones in one, if the intended sound of Alfa Genus sits well with you that's a very welcome feature.   Specifications:   Driver 8mm...
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Versatile and Effective - The Rock Jaw Alfa Genus


Pros: Quite versatile because of the filter system, very cost effective

Cons: No cable cinch, L/R markings are hard to read

Hello Head-Fi!   ROCK JAW audio was kind enough to ask me to review their Alfa Genus IEM, so here is my honest opinion of the product that they provided. I'll be touching on several different aspects of the IEMs, including the build quality, packaging, included accessories, and last but not least, the sound quality of the earphones.   Video Review This video sums up my review pretty well. If you'd prefer a written review, well, read on! Preface I've been using the Alfa Genus for several weeks now, and have accumulated around 80 hours of listening and burn-in time. I don't feel that burn-in is necessary in most cases, but I figured it couldn't hurt to add on a few...
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Rock Jaw Alfa Genus – Sub $100 Stunner


Pros: Clarity, build, light weight, value, sound signature, filter tuning system

Cons: L/R markings hard to read

PREAMBLE   INTRODUCING ROCK JAW’S ALFA GENUS SINGLE DYNAMIC DRIVER IEM (Updated 8th Sept)   Special Note - I've updated the review 8th Sept 2014 - amendments are marked in red for easy identification.   The Alfa Genus From Rock Jaw Alfa Genus Paired With Fiio X5   RockJaw UK is a relatively new headphone/earphone manufacturer to the Head-Fi scene, so it was with particular interest that I noticed their early posts on the forums, and when they asked for potential reviewers to test their audio product range, but more importantly wanted active feedback to shape their tuning toward the final product configuration – I...
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Alpha Alfa


Pros: soundstage, clarity, filter options, dynamics

Cons: cable microphonics, filters can be a bit fiddly

Introduction   So here's my contribution to the growing collection of reviews on Rock Jaw's Alfa Genus. For those of you interested in purchasing a pair, hopefully this is a useful addition; for the rest of you, another post on Head-Fi with which to while away the time!   Before we get underway, it would be remiss of me not to thank Rock Jaw for sending a pair to review, the opportunity is appreciated.   I'm going to take the slightly indolent approach of skipping a detailed description and comments on aesthetics, accessories &c. as these have been well covered in other reviews and the discussion thread, and because I don't have the retail package.   My...
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Adept IEM with the ability to change its tune... LITERALLY!


Pros: Multiple filters to change the sound, wood body, great price to perfomance ratio

Cons: Case is a bit bulky, changes between current filters may be to drastic (3rd filter in the works may resolve this issue)

I am going to just stick with a written review for this little gem as others have already done an admirable job of photographing this IEM and all of it's accessories in all their glory.   When my reviewer package arrived I liked how they had made it appear crooked in the box and was even fooled initially thinking it had slipped in transit . Upon opening the box I was treated to a snappy but over engineered case that kind of reminded me of the IE8 case from Sennheiser. While I find this type of case to big for practical daily use I do have to admit it really works well for holding everything securely from a packaging perspective.   Upon inspection of the IEM I...
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A Fantastic Entry Into the IEM Scene


Pros: Customizable sound, great bass timbre with the bassy filter, great value

Cons: Treble-heavy filter can be a bit too bright

RockJaw is an up and coming headphone company from Great Britain starting strong with a huge lineup. The Alfa Genus is one of their midrange offerings and offers a certain special something that is rarely seen in the IEM world other than a few OEM’s. …yeah so this is really late. Sorry to RockJaw for the delays! I’ve been busy with work and other projects (like a collab for a wooden T50RP mod [not ZMF] and trying to make a measurement system) and have another five or so reviews to write up which hasn’t given me much free time for these things.   Anyway, the Alfa Genus came in this really nice packaging, but I’m not sure whether or not it will be part of the retail packaging so I’ll...
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Headed in the Right Direction!


Pros: Light-Weight; Changeable Filters; Great Frequency Response; Sturdy Cable; Tuneable (see text); New Balanced Filter (W00T!)

Cons: Filters Loosen Easily; Slightly Microphonic Cable; Needs More Tips; New Balanced Filter Slightly Bass Lean

Preamble:  Break out the Champagne, the silly putty has left the building!  23 Nov 14...Since this review was originally written, Rockjaw did exactly what they said they would do...go out and create a new filter combining the best aspects of the black and silver filters.  In other words they created a balanced filter for those that wanted...well...a more balanced sound (what did you really expect me to say here? ).  Did they succeed?  Let's find out...   (Updated info is highlighted in red)   “First in last out!” While the above makes for an excellent military motto, it really sucks for an audio component reviewer.  I must sincerely...
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A Musical Union of Ebony and Aluminium


Pros: Build Quality, 3 Tunable Filters, Comfortable

Cons: Very minor picky things that will be addressed in the future.

RockJaw ALFA GENUS IEM Review by TrollDragon     Way back in April a new Sponsor on Head-Fi called RockJaw created a post looking for members to test and review a new product line consisting of multiple IEM’s and headphones. I applied at once and was accepted by RockJaw’s representative Rockbob.  This is going to be a great experience for myself as well as quite a few others, since we get to evaluate the new products and our opinions will be factored into the final retail products.   With all the formalities and details looked after, a large box of RockJaw products appeared on my doorstep, multiple IEM’s and a pair of headphones. I have spent several weeks with...
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A top notch IEM at a truly affordable price....


Pros: Price vs Performace, High quality build, Sound Signature I absolutely enjoy

Cons: Currently using a tupperware container for a pouch

Price – Approx $73 Canadian   Preface : I am just a typical guy / father of three young children who loves music and has been a member of the head-fi for approximately 4 years. I have no background in music and work in IT for my career.   I have been fortunate enough to own some TOTL headphones / IEMS over the years (HD800, LCD2.2, T1, Heir Audio 8A Customs, etc…) and the words I type are my own personal opinion of a product that was given to me for the intent of evaluation.   Rock Jaw has sent me two set of head/ear phones to evaluate: The Alfa Genus and the Acero.   This review will only reflect my honest thoughts on the Alfa Genus since they are the only...
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Sub $100 Tunable IEM


Pros: Filters, Overall Sound, Build

Cons: No Cable Cinch

First I’d like to thank Rock Jaw for sending me the Alfa Genus for review. If you haven’t heard of Rock Jaw before, I don’t blame you. They are a rather new company that recently came out with a wide range of IEMs and headphones. The Alfa Genus is one of their mid-range IEMs, which is priced at £50, which is quite budget minded for people who don’t wish to spend so much on audio.       Those who know me will know that I have always loved IEMs, especially IEMs that punch above their price point and IMO the Alfa Genus is definitely one of them. Obviously, the sub $100 IEM market is filled with some excellent offerings from many companies and making an IEM that really...
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