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A Review On: Rhapsodio RDB+ Hybrid (2BA + Dynamic driver)

Rhapsodio RDB+ Hybrid (2BA + Dynamic driver)

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Pros: Bass is very well tubed, articulate yet punchy. Nothing muddy, nothing insufficient. A very big success!

Cons: Mids are not as forward as I would've liked. Borderline recessed: see my review below for explanations

Rhapsodio RDB+ Hybrid:


Is it named after Rhapsodio's Dynamic BA, or for its Really Dynamic Bass?!



Rhapsodio's RDB+ is a really fantastic sounding IEM, the best IEM I have heard actually. However I do not have a lot of iem's as I am more of a headphone headfier. Hence in my review I will focus on the sonic performance of the RDB+ instead of any comparisons unless requested.

Most listening are done by my Sflo:2 LO -> TTVJ Slim, critical judgement from my NFB5.2 and casually from my iPod 3rd gen.


Build Quality, Comfort, Sound isolation etc.

To cut it short, very comfortable, better isolation compared to what I own (GR07, TF10), and maybe Rhapsodio could work on the Build quality e.g. the finish, bubbles inside the shell etc a bit more to let the aesthetics match up with its grande sound.



Sound: Bottom up!


The BASS of the RDB+ is certainly the first thing that caught my attention, in fact it stunned me at maybe the first second of my listening! It was something I have never experienced: a very dynamic, clean but generous amount of bass. Quality is absolutely satisfying, VERY close but not as deep extending as the Denon D5000 - but it is a lot cleaner! While some say the Denon has muddy bass or a slower bass response, the RDB+ is nothing like that. Very quick responses, when the song calls for it the bass punches you miles away, and in a split second it feels like nothing has happened, only I was left there thinking what just happened! It is very amazing to listen to such high quality and quantity of bass in such a tiny pair of in ears, very glad for the review and experience!


The MIDS of the RDB+ however is a little bit too recessed for me. Given my headphone selection (AKG K400, Alessandro MSPro, Senn HD580 etc) and my music preference, the RDB+ is just lacking that little bit of forwardness/aggressive mid sound for them to truly grab my heart. This mainly occur at guitars and male vocals --> meaning the lower mids IF I am correct. I think that is where the Dynamic driver and the TWFK crossover occurs, but by all means ask Rhapdsodio instead of trusting me. I have to mention this because one day at work I decided to listen to some Hikaru Utada on my laptop -> UD100 -> TTVJ Setup and it was very very good. To my surprise there was actually a lot of emotions in her voice which I did not expect when I was auditing these with Eric Clapton/RHCP/other rock music. To me I much prefer the mids on the Alessandro's where the guitar shouts for attention. On the RDB+, the dynamic bass overshines the mids which is not my best preference.


The TREBLE is good, very detailed, and balances the bass presence well. It avoids the sound signature turning into a blackhole with too much bass, by adding that clarity and brightness to the mix. Now I actually think it is normal to have the lower mids slightly recessed due to the brilliant treble and seductive bass tuning. Svyr can be my witness, because I actually pm'd him to confirm if the BA is a TWFK because what I read about iems like the DBA02, UE700 and GR01 matches my sonic impression of the RDB+'s treble.


Other notes:

DETAIL detail is unbelievably well presented in these little monitors! And that is across the whole frequency response from Bass to Treble! GREAT JOB in tuning and choosing the right drivers, Rhapdsodio!


TRANSPARENCY, CLARITY I can not describe just how amazing it gets when the dynamic bass driver mates the TWFK. The IEM avoids being too dark nor too bright, yet sound has weight and air, all in one very satisfying package.


Conclusion: It is all about the BALANCE



The RDB+ overall is so nicely balanced that it has many things in the right quality and quantity, only except (slightly) the mids unfortunately.  It has the good qualities of a dynamic driver iem, where the bass is visceral and pushes a lot of air, punches into your eardrums. It also has a lot of delicacy in its mids and treble, you can hear it from the amazing details and clarity in the overall tone (even with the great quantity of bass) like the good things you hear about the famous TWFK. If only they could give a bit more bite at the midrange - electric guitar distortions! - the RDB+ would have really tempted me to re-build my portable setup and I might even sell a few headphones to fund them!


great review thanks
might want to make an rdb discussion and appreciation thread lol
as a side note, there a many ways of using twfk with custom covers, so it's more rhapsodio's tuning than just twfk
re : bubbles, you sure there were any on rdp+. there were some on rd(white ones), but didn't notice anything on rdb.
*xovers not covers